🙌 BOOK REVIEW 🙌 January

Books mentioned:

Consider Phlebas
by Iain Banks

Brave New World Paperback
by Aldous Huxley

Fahrenheit 451 Paperback
by Ray Bradbury

The Picture of Dorian Gray
by Oscar Wilde

Children of Time Paperback
by Adrian Tchaikovsky

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
by Jordan B. Peterson

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Bubb says:

These are honestly your best videos by far. I’m so happy you got me in to reading again.

Kärlek från GBG

rasoul mirzaie says:

A man trying to advertise some gaming tech….Reviews The Brave New World!!!!!!!!

cheriketsu says:

dorian gray is a GREAT BOOK

Danni Duffy says:

This video inspired me to read more.


Read 1984

Samster Hamster says:

13:28 wait what

s3l3r says:

Read Yuval Noah Harari books.
Sapiens, 21 lessons for XXI century, Homo Deus. Intresting books

Ovlet Oak says:

I have now decided to follow Marzia on twitter for the hope of literature recommendation

Josiah Powell says:

Yah that channel 4 interview is incredible.

Rowan smith says:

the analogies to biblical texts and movies is i think because these stories draw from something that comes back in psychology

Thomas Leone says:

If you’re into music, magic, and fantasy, you should read The first book in Patrick Rothfuss’ trilogy The kingkiller chronicle (The name of the wind)

Gustavo Balanza says:

Here for JBP

Squashy says:

Can’t wait for the review of our holy bible!

yonathan diaz gonzalez says:

I want more about this :^(

ajsuflena says:


Vanya Verma says:

I just found this series and I gotta say I have a new found respect for you. I loved this video. Thank you.

Novalium Company says:

Felix, you are a smart guy but you pretend to be stupid so people will laugh at the videos but please be yourself. I’d love to see a serious talk with Felix about AI, Machine Learning and everything else that interests you. Why not invite Elon Musk as well?

Gammale Joseff says:

Love the book children of time sadly I wish he got more into the story but what can you do lol

DrummerJacob says:

12 rules for life is all you need.

Chijindu Oforjigha-Dim says:

The gulag archipelago


@23:20 cute

David Choi says:

I’m here cuz Jordan Peterson!!! Woooo! Btw he’s not religious in the traditional sense of the word. He acts as if God exists which is most likely different from your notion of religious faith Pewdie. Still, great review.

Samuel kernohan says:

No pewdikids ever?

Blu Box says:

So, I have a socratic seminar on Farenheit 451 tomorrow (well, technically today bc its 2am) and because of my horrible procrastination habits, I started reading Farenheit 452 at around 7:00-7:30 today and I just finished it like a few minutes ago. So I came to get some more insight on it. I did not expect in the slightest to see pewds popped up, nor was my fried brain prepared to learn that he dIdnT evEn lIke tHe bOoK lol. Dont procrastinate kids

Gacha Potato says:

That beard tho…

Rosjier and Evelyn Hall says:

You should read ‘Lord of the World’ it was written before 1984, is similar but more accurate.

Steve Biju says:

this video has inspired me to read more.

pringles.q8 youtube says:

I love when felix post video like this

bandobsessed slytherin says:

Oscar Wilde ❤❤❤

Zoe Nelson says:

I have read Fahrenheit but not Brave New World or 1984. Even without context it just seemed boring. I look forward to reading better books.

Rene Quintanilla says:

17:49 wtf!!!! This book loves you?

유튜브 읽어주는 남자 says:


Görkem says:

porçay’dan geldim

Anne Silva says:

Orgy-porgy my dude, I laugh out loud reading that I know I probably shouldn’t have but I’m still a 10-year-old at heart

JoJo LeTyran says:

You look like moïse lmao

Separate Yt in 2 (#PewVsTs)

diklam3 says:

love your book review videos
keep these on !

Darthwing Xodius says:

PewDiePie there is a movie of farenheit 451 and it is in black and white but I wonder what your opinion is on it.

Laurens Sipahelut says:

88M subs?

Josh D says:

The top voted question for Dr Peterson at Auckland tonight was “can you host meme review, as Ben Shapiro did” no lie

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