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This week we discuss Amber, what is it and how does it smell?
Fragrances featured are:
Etro Ambra
Bulgari Le Gemme Ambero
Van Cleef & Arpels Ambre Imperial

Other ingredient based videos:
Tonka Bean
Orange Blossom/Neroli

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Mitchell Halpern says:

Currently my favorite amber scent is Ambre Russe by Parfums d’Empire. Looking forward to the cooler weather to begin wearing it again.


I must admit that this is one of my favourite group of perfumes.There’s 99,9% chance that I will love the fragrance even if it only has Amber in the name.There are a few particular amber perfumes that I like- Voile d’Ambre from Yves Rocher, Sensual Amber from Bath & Body Works ,which is I think discontinnued (at least in Poland) and as of lately Eau and Elixir des Mereveilles from Hermes, which I think are kind of similar to Surnrise in Caduques from Salvador Dali, but much better qualitiwise and far much more lasting.I think that Peru Balsam is becoming one of my favourite ingridients.

Arden Powers says:

Very Interesting !
I love Ambre Noir by Adnan B . . . . a great Amber fragrance that is surprisingly inexpensive !
Thanks for sharing . . . cheers ! 🙂

Samuel Gustav says:

Some ambers I absolutely adore are: Rania J Ambre Loup, MFK Grand Soir, and lately, not sure if I love it per se, but I love the unique feel it has, Parfum d’empire Ambre russe

Talk N Review says:

Great video ladies, nice to see more UK reviewers. Keep it up

Rich Mitch says:

Put the ingredients videos in a play list!

Godot says:

My two favorites are Ambre Nuit by Dior and Amber Room by Thameen.. Both are absolutely stunning but I’ve a slight preference for AR because it performs better.

Nikolas Lima says:

This video just made me realise that I don’t own many amber fragrances at all! shame on me haha anyways, if I had to pick one, it would be Ambre D’alexandrie

Marlena Nadolna says:

You look lovely with your fringe pulled backwards

Mario Losberg says:

I love amber frags… they reminds me on fall and that time, dont know why… lol ( or probably becouse of the colour) . And my favourite is Baldessarini ambre, love that combination with whiskey and leather notes in that frag…. 🙂 and Bvlgari bottles are masterpiece design beautiful…

Life On Nars says:

Hi ! I have to say I was really looking forward to this because as a girl who grew up with a father obsessed with amber and burning inscence in the house, this really appeals to my olfactive memory and needless to say I’m obsessed with anything amber and oriental. I usually am drown to more of the chypres in the oriental family but love love love my amber heart notes and fragrances, here are some of my favourites, please let me now (talking to both of you and also the people reading this comment) if I’m missing some that I should ABSOLUTELY try next :

Guerlain Shalimar and Parfum d’Empire Ambre Russe : my two softer ambers, Shalimar is my gateway amber when I wanna feel very elegant and feminine, it has a powdery feel to it due to the rosa centifolia but I can get passed it because the opoppanax at the base is DIVINE.
Ambre Russe I only discovered two months ago but I LOVE it ! it has this warm, spiciness to it but the tea note softens everything and makes it really wearable for everyday without transforming it into a gourmand.

Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan : of course ! such, SUCH a beautiful fragrance, rich and spicy with a depth to it that makes me feel totally fatale, I love love it, the first Lutens I ever got and still one of my favourites !

Farmacia SS Anunziata Ambra Nera : talk about darkness ! woow Ambra Nera is so intense and luxurious, it is exceptional in winter and leaves an amazing sillage. It could be too much for your entourage sometimes but I don’t care héhe. It’s more of an occasion perfume for me so it gets even more exciting when I get to wear it but DAMN, if you’re tired of sweet amber, get Ambra Nera for a different twist !

I am also very interested in trying Hermes Ambre Narguilé and Dior Ambre Nuit which I know is loved by many and am also now intrigued by the Etro one you introduced as I think it would perfectly add to my “soft everyday amber” family ! thanks for this and for being so articulate, informative and pleasant to watch !

Rosita Williams says:

Suggestion please where I might get these wonderful fragrance at a discount thank you

Kris Chan says:

When you mentioned Amber, the first thing that came to mind was one of the Merveilles perfumes from Hermes. Then, come to the end, you ladies did mention them. Eau, Elixir and L’Ambre des Merveilles are all so addicting!

Thanks for the video! Bvlgari’s Le Gemme collection is really interesting and you don’t see them very often.

Cristina P. says:

I’d love to see you ladies do a video about unique/original perfumes, that have unusual ingredients or weird combinations. Not the “perfume that smells like poo” type of video, but just perfumes that are surprising in some way.

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