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harrisburdick says:

Of course we’ll stay subscribed! Excited to see how the larger gaps will change the types of videos you put out!

Bonnie L says:

Thanks for your videos and great information. I’m hoping you’ll cover more than just two fragrances in future videos. <3

Cristina P. says:

slightly sad about not seeing you lovely ladies every week, but it’s alright.

I had another question about a more problematic subject: perfume theft and/or counterfeiting. I’m not sure this is the case in other countries, but in mine it’s very popular to find high end perfumes on certain websites, at less than half the price, the explanation that sellers give being that the respective perfumes are testers. They usually come in a simple box and sometimes they are missing the cap. Is this a thing? Are there that many testers that somehow end up in various people’s hands who then end up selling them?

Kathy Kimball says:

Hello you two! Would you do a youtube on Vanilla perfumes, that are strong and long lasting? Thanks

Peggy Hui says:

Hi Ladies, thank you for answering my question.Yes, you did pronounce my last name correctly. ‘Hui’ like the band ‘Huey’ Lewis & the News, LOL. Great segment again, see you in a fortnight.

Mitchell Halpern says:

I will miss the weekly fragrance video fix but am very happy you will still be creating content!

pavotrouge says:

Aaah, you are one of the few channels I totally wished posted more often! I have a busy life and run two businesses with lots of travel, and usually smirk when Youtubers apologise about posting less frequently – I don’t really notice anyway. But it’s so exciting whenever one of your videos is up. Looking forward to future videos, regardless of frequency!

Lanier Smith says:

I certainly understand putting out a video every two weeks rather than one. So I will stick around. I don’t always comment but I am watching. YOU two are fabulous. Loved this. Cheers and Best Always Lainier.

Arden Powers says:

More great questions . . . very interesting !
I can understand the change in video frequency, but I will certainly miss my weekly fix !!
See you in a couple of weeks . . .cheers ! 🙂

Leighton James says:

always so informative as usual, cant wait for the next video

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