Britney Spears Island Fantasy Fragrance Review

It’s here!! The 5th Fantasy perfume by Britney Spears. 🙂 Please subscribe if ya like my reviews.. 🙂 *winks*


Pamela1009 says:

maybe your PH is more stronger than a woman

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Unfortunatley it’s not just Boots that won’t ship to the US. You’ll find that MOST compaines in the UK will not ship to the US or aborad at ALL! There were new postal regulations put in place in January saying that perfume, nail varnish, alcohol…basically anything flammable cannot leave the UK by air. I think you’re just going to have to wait! Sorry! It’s supposed to come out in summer in the US, Or maybe May…not long to go!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

In all honesty I have no idea. I think it would be a good idea though! It needs to be stronger.

abram de los rios says:

I love your reviews, I’d definitely try it and see, 🙂

Tiff E.L says:

Will you be doing Maui fantasy?

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Me too! I thought it would be very juicy…watery, fruity. But in my opinion it smells like Nifeo Mio by Annick Goutal. Kinda like Strange but true!

Buy Bionic says:

This would be better if she released an EDP.

JesAsser says:

I wish I could find this…but apparently, getting this fragrance is like a fucking international weapons trade. Does anyone know where someone in the US can order this online? I’m tired of all these sites (Boots, in particular) that won’t fucking ship to the US. This isn’t the stone age.

Tamara Sumner says:

I found you thru Fragrantica! So glad I did.. Awesome reviews!

Audrey Hasuo says:

You should try Curious from Britney smells amazing ! i’ve been using it for almost 4 years it’s my boyfriend’s absolute favorite smells kind of like innocent but sexy at the same time. Really love it !

LovelyMorwen says:

07:03 *waves back*
I love that the bottle is clear and not opaque. It’s a beautiful bottle, indeed.

rainbowbright111 says:

Another great review. Thank you

FashionSchoolDropout says:

Oh that is so disappointing! I will definitely try it anyway, but I was expecting something different!

J. Romero says:

Great review! Such a shame it doesn’t last. Why oh why is it an edt?! I kinda wanna cry just thinking about it. Haha! Citrusy, leafy green, and bright sounds just fine in my book. You have to enjoy it for the rest of us! I have to wait till it launches in the US. Let’s hope a lotion comes in a set or something so that it can be layered with the edt to make it last longer. Oh, and btw, your iPad is the luckiest iPad on the planet for getting spritzed with Island Fantasy! SO JEALOUS! LOL! : )

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Thanks so much!!! 🙂

Richard0B says:

Have you ever used cheapsmells? If you have what did you think?

cance7984 says:

I’ll pass. Thank you for the upload.

Christina Nicole says:

do you know if she will make a perfume version of this? It sounds like something I would REALLY love, but I would like it to last longer.

abram de los rios says:

I love radiance, you should review it

Pamela1009 says:

OHHH, Well, maybe is EDT, or cologne and happened to me just as wonderstruck by Taylor Swift perfume, the perfume is delicious but nothing lasts on the skin, and I’m very disappoint because it’s very expensive in my country..

AmeerulZayn says:

OMG! first on YT~

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

I know… pressure right? haha. People might disagree but hey..this is my take on it. 🙂

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Hi Kristina, I’m afraid I don’t own that fragrance. Sorry!

Chloe-Louise Davies says:

I really want to get Island Fantasy, I love Britney spears. But I also love the Nicki Minaj scent, even though I dont really like nicki minaj as a person. Which one do you reccomend?xx

xXxXxCGPBxXxXx says:

I’m thinking the EDT is probably due to this being an “island” fragrance.

john4ever01 says:

I wonder why shes made it a EDT?? very weird, still excited to try it!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Thank you!

xXxXxCGPBxXxXx says:

Bravo! Another great review … Although those iPad tricks for showing the bottle and how much it sprayed are worthy of a Honourable Mention 😉 For myself a real win-win is a beautifully designed bottle overflowing with an intoxicating scent, and I must say your mastery of scent language had me sniffing your wrist! As always very much enjoyed!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Hello! Sorry for late reply, I just came back from holiday. My favourites in order from best to worst are.

Midnight Fantasy
Circus Fantasy
Hidden Fantasy
Island Fantasy.


Hiall U says:

whats ur best to least favourite of fantasy? im confused between circus vs hidden,because i hate citrus when its tangy and zesty but i like the honey sweet side of citrus so..yeah help please

xXxXxCGPBxXxXx says:

Just left you a little chuckle over at Fragrantica. Do LOVE that bottle!

Pedro Becerra says:

My friend is hopefully getting this for my birthday 🙂 i can’t wait!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

🙂 Hello fellow fragrantican!

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Hi Chloe, I actually haven’t smelled Nicki Minaj’s fragrance yet, the bottle kinda creeps me out though! But I would say for the sheer fact that Britney is an extremely weak fragrance, your money will be better spent on Nicki Minaj. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like her as a person, it’s more about the fragrance right? I had Paris Hilton “Tease” fragrance because I love Tuberose in perfume, but I cannot stand Paris Hilton as a person… 🙂 It’s the juice inside that counts! 🙂

amazingstar0458 says:

Everyone says this doesn’t let long or smell strong, I wouldn’t want this in perfume form because one spray in my elbow crease and is so strong and I smell it for 4 hours, the idea of it not being a eau de parfum is because its a summer scent, it hard to wear a lot of perfume in hot weather, I think this perfume wouldn’t b strong in winter but I wouldn’t wear it in winter

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Hi there, I’m afraid I don’t have it. 🙁 Sorry!

Concertlover2017 X says:

i have this and i love this fragrance x

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Hi Richard. Cheapsmells is my most trusted online perfume shop. Their prices are great, they always deliver when they say they are going to and the few times I’ve had hiccups, their customer service has been excellent! I use them for 90% of my purchases.

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Thanks so much! 🙂 The ipad thing is kinda cool because it’s hard to get the lighting on bottles right sometimes and they are half of the beauty in some cases…in this case? ALL of it! haha.

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