CH Men Fragrance Review – Old Bottle vs the Reformulation!

Ever since CH Men got reformulated, Fragcomm bros have been stressing about this used-to-be lady killer. Today I wanted to share with you what the differences are to my nose, and if it’s still worth buying.

Buy CH Men (new) here:

If you want an old formulation bottle, your best bet are probably FB + eBay.

I love CH Men and the reformulation hasn’t changed that. IS it different: yes, but not enough to make it a bad fragrance.

What Fragrancebros and robes08 have said for years is so true: I’d rather have the original pre-reformulation, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the new.

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Dexter Charles says:

Thx for the content. Btw have you had a chance to smell Alexandria’s version Sweet Suede? If so what’s your thoughts?

Mark Mark says:

What color is the reformulated ones juice??

pandora p says:

Spot on about the scent differences which I was not paying much attention to til this video. Excellent nose! But have to disagree on the performance department. My 2010 version lasts the whole workday and a bit more.

Rafael Costa says:

nice video mate.
and for those who struggle with the performance, go for Sweet Suede by Alexandria Fragrances, $43 for 60ml.

The Scentrepreneur says:

There it is guys, this is all the differences I could tell… judge for yourselves if it’s still worth buying but imo it definitely is

Shaun Leonard says:

Thanks for the comparison! Personally, I don’t like the grassy notes. Plus, the older formulation is not worth the added cost.

Harold Willis says:

The timing on your upload is so ironic! I wore this fragrance today for the first time in months. I always come back to it because it’s my favorite fragrance. I however prefer the leather dominant newer formulation. Good upload!

vittinitro says:

Grassy notes become more present in the new formulation when the temperature is warmer.

danwilson12 says:

Awesome!!! What a coincidence as I was eyeballing this to add to my collection! Thanks man!

Robert Armstrong says:

Great vid…..BUT….there is a reason the old formulation is so sought after….it is MUCH better! Totally agree with you as it relates to the scent difference. The lack of the grass note being the most notable difference. Apart from that as u pointed out the older version is more amped up in every department and is generally a richer fragrance. The new formulation seems rather thin and as u said is comprised of almost exclusively sugar and leather. The original also had a heftier dose of vanilla in the dry down which in combination with the other notes gave it a semi gourmandish almost cocoaish sugary leather vibe which is very inviting and alluring. The dry down in the new, though similar, is a lot less rich and interesting. The total lack of freshness in the new which perhaps is a result of much less bergamot also takes a lot away from the fragrance which was a real banger in the opening in the old version. As for the performance….the new is abysmal. 3-4 hrs of weak performance.

VT 24 says:

I was never able to tell the difference tbh with you

Alex Alvarez says:

my bottle has the silver cap, but without the red ribbon. Which the hell formulation do I have?

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