this video is NOT sponsored, I was NOT sent this for review, I’m sure the people who make child do not even know I exist!!! but this perfume is THE most amazing thing I’ve everrrrr purchased!!!

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this where I bought mine

I know this sounds weird but I trust guys’ opinions the most when it comes to scents on women because they are honest. so when this guy I started dating recently told me about this scent, I’m like well let me try it. was it way more than I wanted to spend?! YES. BUT BUT BUT I am so glad I did. I was debating on buying the juicy couture perfume and this is the same price…this scent is sweeter and more potent so I figured it would be longer lasting!

you all share your favorite scents with me and I thought I’d do the same 🙂


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SailorSadie says:

How the fuck is she a pedophile?

kimberly crawford says:


thebirdisblue says:

‘I don’t know how to describe this scent’….hmmm helpful Trish lol

Julia Scott Beauty says:

Children should not be wearing perfume in my opinion.

April Sinclair says:

I thought it was actually like a kids perfume, lol. Although I was at a beauty shop last week and they had children’s Snow White perfume, it actually smelt good!

AlohaSmiles6500 says:

Scentsational of Huntington is supposed to have a dupe called Leilani for a lot less money. Maybe you could do a comparison for us who can’t afford $100. You definitely made me want to try it though. 🙂

- LucyNanami - says:


AndrinesVerden says:

Wow, you look so, so good in this video! :))

Mercia_Latte says:

My absolute favorite perfume is princess by vera wang 😀

Lulu Marie says:

child is the name of the perfume, you fucking idiot

happypets12345 says:

MariamMarcus2000 yes she was and SHE has a name btw its Trisha

chyennemarie says:

Says the person still commenting and being a child.

Larste89 says:

why didn’t that useless boyfriend of yours get you this perfume… mothafuckaa

Dan M says:

Why would she review them (promote it)? And what more can a perfume reviewer say other than “this smells good”? You’re not going to find a perfume viewer on youtube that says this perfume smells bad. Reviews should be done by people free of bias, not by someone who is clearly getting paid for it.

Camilla Cetiner says:

You look so great trish! You’re much prettier without all that makeup on!

memymusicloveables says:

I can’t explain it, and I’m definitely not a perfume expert but it’s amazing. Smells like flowers, but not the usual floral smell you wear. It’s so exotic and it smells so romantic.. It’s very strong and pungent, but it smells so beautiful. If you’re thinking about getting it, I definitely think you should. Everywhere I go people always tell me I smell amazing! I really don’t know how to explain the scent, but it’s absolutely gorgeous! Get it!!!

chyennemarie says:

CHILD is the brand, dumb ass

Kamryn Henderson says:

LOOOOL! CHILD is a company name xD

Kamryn Henderson says:


dsshyn says:

her nails are gross and so is her fat face.

lauren33881 says:

Your nails are so discussing no offense

chrys kennedy says:

who makes the perfume?

Xena X says:

Thanks a ton! that is actually really helpful 🙂 just rewalized i meant Alien when i typed Angel, Alien and Innocence 🙂

redlip blonde says:

do you always wear your fake hair show your real self so as being fake full time must be hard on your head

Xena X says:

i want to check this out. i’m never really too happy with the mass-marketed “popular” perfumes, the only perfumes i’ve really liked are Thierry Mugler’s Angel and Innocence. Do you have any suggesitons for the non-popular but good perfumes?

Sheldons Girlfriend says:

i love this perfume also ! 🙂

Noe Nazer says:

that could be true but, my sister’s hubby and my hubby LOVE perfumes and they chose it for us all the time. My sister is clueless when it comes to perfume because of her deviated septum so her hubby actually buys it for her without asking LOL

Xena X says:

i just wanted to weigh in–this is a true comment. My guy friend was talking to me about perfumes, and i asked how did he know these particular few perfumes, he said his ex used to wear them. So..there you go lol

Jennllch says:

Posted my first youtube video ever on perfumes. Please everyone, if you have time, check out my video and give me some tips and pointers. Thanks!

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