Creed for Kids Fragrance Review

Hey guys and gals, I’m back with another review. This time it’s…Creed for Kids. FragranceNet had one bottle of this and I splurged on it since it was the first discounter that I saw that had it available. Yeah. I can’t do anything about it at this point. Anyway, hope you enjoy the review. I doubt anybody is really going to be buying this for themselves (or their children) honestly. For the record, I’m a Creed fan and completely love some of their frags. Thanks for your support everyone.

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Gabriel Perez says:

I said it before, creed has lost their god damn mind man. Incredible.

Danny Osuna says:

Thanks for the review this one was on my to buy list

Michael Sanchez says:

I think Burberry offers a fragrance for kids too. I suppose the rich looks for things like for their brats.

Benjamin Mcfadden says:

The 3 dislikes are gender neutrals haha

Chris Schmidt says:

lol, Creed is going for the rich soccer om who wants the best smelling kids award.

Rex Maverick says:

Piss on us and calling it rain lol.

AGentlemansJourney says:

I cannot believe they made this. Talk about a money grabs.

Dominik says:

LOL. $235 fragrance for kids.

Ambrose Joseph says:

What’s up with the Facebook group?

xHibachi24x says:

You’ve become one of the funniest reviewers around Ashton!

Keep up the great videos.

biggbertz1 says:

I got my daughter Burberry baby wear it occasionally since it unisex

Euler says:

i thought it was a joke lol.

Antonio Aguilar says:

How much you going to split it? Ml? Cost? Im im in NYC. Do you have other creed scents to split?

RayRay PooteyTang says:

You bought it because you are a kid at heart like me…lol! Interesting review! 🙂

Rob Whiff says:

omg creed for kids ! wow they ever did it, im 6yr son and daughter are going to go nuts when they find out..great take ; overpriced

No Way says:

The best part is at 2:20. lol

d fernandez says:

That stickiness is probably fruit syrup since its supposed to be all natural lol

Jbrew 1992 says:

this was hilarious!!! hahaha

tpietropaolo01 says:

Creed said F#%k It hahaha they must have

millionaaar23 says:

Their selling out. Creeds starting to act like a designer house imo


bro please push more vlogs with your wife she’s awesome

xXxrootxXx says:

Its filtered juice from canned fruits 😛

Mark Ayres says:

The Creed company reminds me of the Apple company, both have expensive products and do not innovate much.

Mike Sousa says:

hahahaha this was great. Didn’t even know this existed lol. Unreal..

blinked025 says:

I actually enjoy the smell. But I don’t think this product should exist!

Jenn S says:

LMFAO, is this real? My nine year old son wears axe “to get the ladies.”

Cee Mag says:

Got to be one of the most purely profit market based product iv ever seen. Great video man.

FragranceConsultant says:

I think this was made for really rich pedophiles.

Valente Leanos says:

Lololololololol….That is all I got

Darren Newell says:

They can stick that crap up they’re

Dafoodmaster says:

i would’ve worn this as a kid, definitely.

Bacon and cheese has been stuffed into a crust says:

What are you drinking there?

Jody Dupont says:

What does this smell similar too? I don’t want to afford Aventus so maybe just maybe they will make a kids smell for $100. This could be the way to do it, just purchase the kids version. Do they offer Aventus and Green Irish tweed for kids. ? LOL!!!!!

Cristian Ybarra says:

I’ll take a split

Joshua says:

Gonna possibly be a collectors item later on, hold on to that thing.

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