Crybaby Perfume Milk First Impression/Review

∘˚˳°∘First impression/review of Crybaby Perfume Milk!∘°˳˚∘

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Adhit Novianto says:

You are syn gates sister?

MaryAnn says:

how do you get the sample?

Shane Grady says:

***ATTENTION Crybabys***
If you have a moment, please check out my MAD HATTER video!!

Hope you like it!

Angel Hosteter says:

I love your hair

Draco Malfoy says:


Asta H. says:

Want it!

iovyoue 100 says:

whats her full name?

Harley T says:

So excited for for this perfume lol

andreafancyworld says:

Dark Fruite- Red Wine Flavor
blueberry/blackberry/plum/black currant

inspires? infires? infires man! says:

What the fucking fuck your intro stupid cunt

Lumi loves to draw says:

How much does it cost????

Aesthetic Kookie says:

Crybaby Milk doesn’t sound very…. good smelling?

Sofia K. says:

How do you get the perfume sample? I know you get it from Melanie’s Merch Store.

Kitty Brat says:

Where can i buy it in the uk?

Luiz Gustavo says:

you kind of look like Syn

crystal mendez says:

I looked up dark fruits and it’s literally dark fruits like plum, raisin, cassava, BlackBerry…hope this helped 🙂

JustBeingHonest Zzzz says:

Love the hair color, just does not compliment her face well. Her eyeshadow is very pretty.

Lacey Noel says:

Wonder why Hot Topic doesn’t sell the perfume.

Fall Out Pilots At The Disco says:

Do you like my cookies? They’re made just for you a little bit of sugar but lots of poison too
**Eats cookies and chokes to death**
(This story is fictional only I really ate a cookie but da choking part is fictional:3)

natalie allen says:

yeah girl she is the best

Tanya Kumble says:

Perfume bottle shown at 4:48
oh wait -.- who would want to hear someone talk about a 4 minute video about a bottle of perfume without showing how the bottle look’s like, then starts talking about other merchandise.

opinionated says:

I thought it would smell like milk and cookies

Melanie TheCryBaby! says:

I want it soooooooo baddddd :O

Faith Lee says:

Does that mean that if you buy a cry baby perfume you’ll receive a cry baby bracelet??

Baby Girl says:

I got the paper sample in the magazine and I’m so addicted to it, it makes me mad that it’s 50 bucks

Setiana Maman says:

I know Melanie from Its soap song. I’m addicted to it.


_Irreverent_ is not the same word as _irrelevant_

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