Diamond Diana Ross EAU DE PERFUME first impression

HSN pre-order received this week of Diana Ross’s new fragrance called Diamond Diana. $74.00 3.4oz my first impression is that it smells a bit manly and heavy not sure if I will be keeping it.
Hey guys I already sent back my Diamond Diana & HSN is processing my return…I really wanted to love it but it just didn’t work for me.


thewizboy says:

Horrible review. You’re trying to rip the bottom of the box off, You obviously didn’t watch and know that the box opens like a ring box duh. Then you spray the table place mat only to scoop it up with your finger smh. Clumsy review, no grace, no poise, just a mess all around. but hilarious to watch nonetheless

Edgle Bennett says:

Oh wow how cool.. I can’t wait until mine comes in,it’s gender- free perfume☺☺☺

Karla J. says:

I want to get it!!

Daniel Robinson says:

manly?What! I don’t think that can be accurate. It must be her opinion..

cantusee1 says:

Great review! What perfume do you think it smells similar too?

Mr. Naija Love says:

body chemistry is everything——  the women I smelled it on … had a delightful scent

mammogram9 says:

Thank you for the review. A few people have stated that it smells “Masculine, and like an old lady” scent.

Andrea Prestia says:

This fragrance it’s awful it’s not a feminine scent it’s not light or floral or citrusy like they said it would be it’s very musky an very masculine even my husband said it was awful and he wouldn’t wear it smells like my grandfather aftershave that he wore in the 70’s for that price I expected better for Diana Ross so disappointed the only thing I did like was the box an the bottle I didn’t pay $80 for that so back it goes never ordering perfume from HSN again.

Karla J. says:

Thank you for this review!! Happy Holidays!

Robin Wood says:

It smells sweet feminine light luscious and glamorous I love it I was going down the mall and people send what is that I love it where can I get it

Mychaeltodd Mtr says:

It smells spicy and citrus to me, it’s an original scent and I love it and on top of that I love her. Most people already know it’s a unisex fragrance, it’s not a sweet over powering ESTEE launder scent. It’s fresh and clean, white shirt and jean show stopper. I wore it and had people asking me the name of it all day.

Chanel Ginger says:

I got mine and I kind of like the smell and kind of don’t but I was kind of disappointed cuz it should have smelled a little better it smells like old ..love I’m gonna give it a shot ..

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