DIY | How to Make Your Own Perfume Oil

I had so much fun experimenting with different recipes and finally came up with a beautiful fragrance oil that I love. These make great holiday gifts so hope you will try this one or a concoction of your own! Happy holidays!!

Carrier Oil – I used Almond Oil
Essential oils
Roller Bottles

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manisha kejriwal says:

Brooke I have a rekvest can you do a day in life ! please! please!

Ciara xxx says:

This is definitely a winter fragrance as the oil absorbs the sunlight which will burn the skin

clara fitzsimons says:

Please do a house tour

makayla _grace says:

Would olive oil work to instead of the sweet almond oil?

Just a girl R says:

Can you tell me the recipe ? Please !

Nusaibah Aika says:

Can you make flubber with flour

Crazy Fun Corner says:

I tried it and it is amazing!!

Kedar Bangalore says:

You have a lot of essential oils

Ramses_raspberry12 says:

today its friday and its right before new years so i think today brooke is gonna post new years diys

Zoe Gymnastix says:

Who else -loves- the weekend?

Ima Moissi says:

Do a day in the life

Lizzie Akot says:

WOW! Your good

Emma Q says:


Akshat Tiwari says:

Youtube history

Rekha Bheemangoudar says:

so cute little babe ,lol

Joy Torres says:

really love this perfume oil diffuser :

Crazy Fun Corner says:

Easiest recipe!!

Gabriela Mejia says:

I love this youtube channel eventhough I’m not a mom!!!

Debra Mills says:

So confused. You show in the beginning 30% Top, 20% Middle, 50% base. Then you say that Neroli is your middle(heart) note at 50%.

Toni Christiano says:

This looks like an excellent recipe but could you please clairify the amount of drops for each essential oil? Thank you.

Gabby Dowling says:

i loved this vid

Lemona Fox says:

I love this video but does that Santa is not real cause she said you could put them in a stalking

Vanollo Venturi says:


Korova says:

Can I use Linseed oil (aka flaxeed oil) as my carrier oil?

Lena TheRose says:

I think you are just the best!! I love how you make all natural DIY’s. Thanks so much.

Maisunadokei1856 says:

I’m confused, you said base is 50% and middle is 30% but you put 10 drops of base and 30 drops of middle?

Corgi Butts says:

Can you make something Stranger Things related?

DarlingAGDolls says:

Wait, can this be a spray perfume?

Super Star says:

I love the way Brooke always smiles.

Cosecha Rey says:

Happy New year Brooke 🙂 Waiting for ur videos. . I want you to make a diy multicolour art scratch paper..

Astra Allurity says:

Why is the camera so shaky lol

Lucy's Lounge says:

Brooke will you do a house tour?

Yolanda says:

I didn’t catch how many drops of the bergamot and sweet orange oils that you added. ?

Ciya&Cian says:

Can you make a stethoscope

Bianca Christodoulou says:

How many drops of oil would you use for top notes?

Krafty Kreator says:

How do you use the paper to create the scent and then translate to the oil?

Desiree Walters Live Your Journey says:


Veronica Garcia says:

Are you guys gonna do the “babysitter”

Dee Deediro says:

Where do you buy the rollerballs?

Karen Truong says:

Can you make diy earrings?

Carly Graham says:

What carrier oil did you use

Vien Chan says:

Im not a mom, not even an adult, just a girl but for some weird reason I enjoy watching your channel, esp. those funny parodies to top it off with a cheery smile

Brooke Holloway says:

No Brooke I miss you why did you have toooo leave you were my favourite

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