Gucci Guilty and Gucci Guilty Black Perfume Reviews~ Wednesday Wonders

Both of these perfumes can be found at and wherever Gucci Fragrances are sold…but they are both REALLY expensive so sample them first 🙂

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May your Wednesday be filled with ONLY the beautiful things!


LittleDove cole says:

im from oklahoma. u sound like me and my family.

Joye Smith says:

I just love your videos! You are so much fun!

hubief says:

I like you…

whinter86 says:

your review was so funny, im dieing to get the guilty

MissAngelina says:

gucci guilty black is my favorite perfume of all time

Besto Tom says:

Which fragrance should i prefer Gucci Guilty or Gucci Premiere in terms of smell, longetivity, projection. I am planning to buy a perfume gift set so which one should i chose for my friend.

crazzziiibabee14 says:

” If you get it and don’t have a man, I promise it’s going to get you one, if you want one. We as women don’t always need men but if you want your man put on some Gucci guilty black, you heard the description”  Omg, i’m cracking up. I replayed that part till the end of the video a few times, haha! Your always making me smile/laugh. I love your personality so much. I’ll have to go out and smell it out 😛 (: lol thank you! xoxoo

Tracey Whittle says:

Oh gawd I was just cracking up. Love this video. You’re so adorable.

Vallauris 22 says:

I was at a counter choosing between Gucci Guilty and Gucci Guilty Black. First whiff of the Black, it smelled sophisticated to me and so rich. The patchouli is intense and makes you smell literally like dollar bills that have been stuffed inside a wallet for some time. I was in love. I then smelled the Gucci Guilty one, it smelled more fresher and sheer compared to the black. I expected it to be indulgent and opulent but I thought it was very crisp and fresh. I much prefer the Black one, it’s like the Gucci Guilty on steroids and more opulent. Literally smells like Las Vegas and money – makes me think of powerful men in dark suits. I ended up buying the Gucci Guilty Black 75 ml.

Ashton Leigh Winchester says:

If you only had enough to purchase one of these two perfumes, which would you go for? I love them both, but there’s no way in heck I can AFFORD both! 🙂

Terri Ickes says:

I love your channel, great review!

Emma Sadberry says:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Gucci Guilty!  It’s become my everyday scent, replacing Juicy Couture Viva Juicy which I love!

Joye Smith says:

Ohhhh. Forgot…. I got a sample of the Gucci in the brown top??? It’s nice!!!

Kristen Shepherd says:

I feel like the gucci guilty scent doesn’t last long on me. Anyone else feel like the scent wears off too quickly??

twixt12and20 says:

I love the cat eye today!

geri howel says:

So funny!

sandy22182009 says:

So funny..Great Video

sandra martin says:

Girl!! Better check out prices on ebay before you pay that full price at sephora. Save some cash!! Lol love your videos. 🙂

Kim Sangil says:

Lol!!! This was so funny! I loved it. 🙂

Platinum Kookie says:

hahah i love u gurl ur a trip!!! i loveee GG!! it smells sooo good!!

kristen gann says:

Lol the description made me laugh. 🙂 sounds nice though

NWOsupportersRdbags says:

I have a 3oz bottle of Gucci Guilty Black for Men that I purchased at Macy’s a couple months ago (paid about $95 after tax) which is 89% full, with the box, in great condition, I’m asking $65 including shipping in the continental U.S.
Trade offers are acceptable.

yourladybug says:

You’re so cute!

1helluvawomen says:

I never smelled the perfume for Gucci Guilty, but the men’s cologne in Gucci Guilty the original is out this world I love it. I’m more of a body spray kind of girl I like body spray because the smell dissipates over time, I’m still looking for that one perfume that doesn’t give me a headache over time. I’m going to get a sample, next time I’m out;) great review;)

b says:

Good thing I just turned 18! ;p haha.

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