How to shop for fragrance | Part 1 | The Perfume Pros

Part 1 of our tips on how to shop for fragrance. This video covers things to do before you leave home to start your shopping.

Some good places to look for fragrance research (a lot of these people have multiple channels)
Base Notes
The Candy Perfume Boy
Fragrances of the World
Ouch 110

Our video on Musk

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Amir Pi says:


mb5885 says:

Can you do a lily fragrance video? Baiser vole (Cartier) is one of my favorites. Maybe talk about that one and lily fragrances from Annick Goutal and Serve. Anyways love your videos, keep up the great work.

Lumina Kazami says:

Thank you for the wonderful tips! It was very helpful! 🙂

Eduardo Manrique says:

Thank you so much, this is so helpful!


I know that this question should be rather under the How to Wear Perfume video,but I’ll give it a go in here. I have a problem with lasting and projecting fragrance on my skin so even killer fragrances are kittens or don’t last more than an hour on me.I tried all the things-moisturising,wearing on clothes ect.Nothing really works.Do you have any adivce?Do you think that maybe hormones can influence it?Do you think that wind can make the fragrance evaporate off my skin?I know that this question seems sill.Oh, one more thing, it’s not that I don’t smell perfume on me, I asked people and they can’t neither even though, for instance , I used Alien .HELP PLEASE!!!

John Wen says:

make sexy men list pls, love r guys style, tks

nuvigroovi says:

You both are delightful 🙂

Arden Powers says:

I find this series very interesting !
Hopefully Part 2 will give us all input in regards to buying for various seasons, events, occasions, etc.
Thanks for sharing . . . see you next week . . . cheers !! 🙂

stephanie says:

Ahhh I live in a country where its generally very warm and some brands or releases (winter / fall) can be too strong. It smells ok in an air conditioned room but not the same outside.

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