Kids doing ASMR is a problem

Children doing ASMR is weird to say the least, and Life with MaK is leading the charge. Enjoy!

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kayleigh shae says:

I don’t get why he is talking about a topic that he may not even know a lot about, I honestly feel like he’s just trying to use this video for the “fame” he’s over here judging her for “the bad sounds” but different people have different tastes in ASMR. . He could be using his time growing his own channel other than wasting his time talking about other youtubers, might I add, which her channel is obviously doing better than his atm!! Also he’s complaining how it’s “sexual” but he’s over here making perverted jokes. This is just how I feel about this situation, go ahead and @ me but if he’s entitled to his opinion than so am I

Milk Chocolate says:


Nathan vlofs says:

It Is Soooo Freaking Cringy
I’ve watch the video i unlike that flippin girl’s vids
And importantly Like This Comment and press my icon do not press the bell just subscribe if you do not like this girl plz

Tdawg 6250 says:

I don’t get why people say that the cop roleplay isn’t sexualized when you can LITERALLY SEE HER TIT THROUGH THE SHIRT GOD DAMN.

Cristiana says:

Just some people experience ASMR. Some of them have misofonia. Don’t think you represent the rest of human beings. By the way… if you see that stuff as sexual… you may have some pedo in yourself

Ashley Martin says:

she sounds so groos

brig! says:

i agree but you could be a little more respectful

Jazmin Sanchez says:

Stop you look like your 35 and your wasting your time talking about a 13 or 12 year old girl. Weak

Jenny Garcia says:


kuaieq says:

what is the pixelated video at the start? asking for a friend haha

Duggy says:

The fucking depths people will lower themselves and others to for that buck.

Bath Toaster says:

I agree with what ur saying, but like leafyishere, u take it too far. Calm down, she’s just a kid.

Javier Guardado says:

I agree with you man but this whole video was hilarious I was laughing a lot cause it was so true this is disgusting

Kellsie D says:

Wtf is wrong with you why would you judge a kid and say she is being sexual you just have a dirty mind and turn everything sexual like WTF!

Donald Mccarty says:

Fuck you

Haydin William says:

Life with Mak is really fucking gross but not all of them are bad

Chi Asmr says:

When I started my ASMR channel,nobody was listening UNTILL I started eating some cucumber, banana, and Carrot, and boom! It grew fast. I have come to a conclusion that people like suggestive,creepy and silly stuffs. She can do whatever that works for her. I am not jealous,she is only a kid.

stephany granillo says:

Well then bitch why you watching her keep your opinion to yourself dumbass

Bender B. Rodriguez says:

This is the creepiest thing I’ve heard of since ElsaGate, wtf

Jacob Houghton says:

What the actual fuck….

Ana Velez says:

1st of you are a YOUNG man..understandably that she is young..there are kids making AMSR mukbangs videos ..but calling her a BITCH for what?…get over your head dick thinking too FUCKING HARD…knock on her parents door and report her…or how about report her page…such a freaking pussy seriously…go about policing every fucking shit in this YouTube UNIVERSE dude because this shit is not the only crap is going up in have my number bitch for viewing your estrogen video..go bitch and jerk off on something else

• nolymoly • • says:

Uh, why are you doing this? She doesn’t do this to you. You know, I wonder what it’s like to have nothing to do, so you just make fun of people for doing what they love AND making a living. We all have opinions, and it’s fine if we share them IF they’re RESPECTFUL and POLITE. This is none of that. She also has about 900k more subscribers than you, and I can see why.

Liquid Gold says:

4:20 (lol 4:20)

C my Clay says:

The video should not be sexualized.
ASMR is good for some people while it is not not good and uncomfortable for some. She is lucky to have surrounded herself with lovely and supportive people.

William Nguyen says:

Y’all fail to realize that her content is targeted for teens and kids like her? So the fact that y’all are really here analyzing everything a preteen is doing is a little sus if you ask me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Cadence Equestrian says:

You know it’s not your place to judge this girl

Betty He says:

First! you called her a bitch like five times and second you called the viewers the n word. DISGUSTANG

Shanna Tomlin says:

Your so stupid talking about that lol girl your calling her a bit**and making sexual comments

Donut Operator says:

Other than actual human trafficking, this might be the most disgusting exploitation of a child I’ve ever seen.

Adeno says:

For some reason the featured videos were hilarious! I lost it when the little lady started using her nails to make sound with the french fry lol!!! Who knew a piece of fry could have that sound?! I thought the kid at the end messing with the listerine actually drank it!

brig! says:

the one “child asmrtist” i like is rainbow asmr, she’s pretty normal

Lani Hetrick says:

Plz plunge my ass

You’re genuinely my favorite youtuber
I l o v e y o u

brig! says:

life w mak is so creepy

Bunny Tsukino says:

I love asmr and I love life with Mack or whatever her name is lol and I love this video

Bosko says:

I find ASMR really relaxing, but yeah I agree this is disgusting.

Taylor says:

idk to me she got famous because it was hilarious to see a kid doing asmr and do it pretty well. the cop video is weird yes but have you seen what other kids are doing that isn’t harmless? danielle cohn is 12. TWELVE and has a team of people who help her make slutty belly dancing videos. i think mak doing basic asmr is fine, but the role playing thing is always weird

vivi says:

What the fuck is your problem

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