Light-Up Purse & DIY Perfume!! – Project MC2 Perfume Kit & Pixel Purse

There’s going to be a bonus video tomorrow!! Today I’m making my own perfume and it smells so good! I also make some pretty neat designs with my light-up pixel purse. Making perfume was a fun and easy project to do. It was a bit messy, but compared to making lipstick, this was hardly messy at all. Just be careful if you use a lot of food coloring to make the different colors because they can dye your clothes. Thanks for watching! | Please be sure to subscribe:

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Angel Hain says:

Your a lucky girl

Yuanne Cruz says:


sovathna him says:

Love your dress

The Moving Wall says:

Just asking but could yo open up the purse, and put something in it?

Naveen Bhutani says:

Always Alyssa

lol smile says:

My name is Alyssas to I like your channel

Sophia Stahl says:

Poppy flavored??? And violet flavored? I think she means Scented!

Alieke Kraaijenzank says:


Jacia Williams says:

I have the light up purse

Avy Pham says:

Where did you find that purse

Malak Moslimani says:

Alyssa I love your channel

Carlos De Leon says:

Can you Do

Greg Parki says:

My name is poppy

noravirigarcia says:

I also have the pixel purse

Annika B. says:

English video when you were making the perfume you said Violet flavored instead of scented

Tictic Toe says:

Can u do makala from project mc square note books plz?

Eben. Mic ansong says:

Always Alyssa

Julia Dahlgren says:

Where did you get the mc square set

Crybaby Nation says:

I herd your brothers in the back

YoKilla321 says:

Always Alyssa

Symantha Jones says:

Alssa is cool


Alyssa you wrote alwys Alyssa

namma theru says:


play toys says:

I love

Robina Sajjad says:

Know your message it’s always Alyssa and I will not describe just getting a Vettel

kent palmer says:

I love your video so much Alyssa

Carlos De Leon says:

I love you

Lius Sung says:

L love your Fidel’s

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