Melanie Martinez – Cry Baby Perfume Milk Commercial

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1000 odberu bez videa prosim! HIPE!! says:

0:56 creapy

Hailie Perez says:

I need that NOW !

Temmie Love says:

Dat face doe!

xXItzYaGirlSierraxX .-. says:

OMG MEL IS IN AN AD!!!! 0:49 (She has a long neck like me)

Angel says:

omg i need this parfum XD

ZombieLiker Gamer says:

Really scary

isa coelinha says:

kkk q medo

Puppup says:

Pill diet, pill diet.
If they give you another pill then you will buy it.

Starling Wishes says:

Somehow my headphones shaked so bad when Mel was laughing :v

Pamii2331 says:

Nope, just nope

Sophie Says Hi says:

scariest perfume advert ever made

Sierralolgirl's Randomness says:

No offense plz

I just think $50

Is a waste of money

For Perfume

MelsPorcupines :D says:

When you live in canada

Valerie Lopez says:

Me:mom can we get that perfume?
Me:but MOOOOOOM!!!

pastel.slimess_2 says:

can i just ask how many melanie hate accounts christina has??

Jasmin Foxe says:

When in 2017 you only just realise it’s a continuation on from her Pacify Her video O-O MIND BLOWN XD <3 AH I'm dying for this fragrance but I live in Australia XD

TehChibiMoon - Minecraft Gaming! says:

*$46.00 For a Crybaby Sweatershirt*
Me: N..Nevermind ._.

Kara Davis says:

omg i wish i had this i loveeeeeeeeee her so muuuuchh!!!

{_Crybaby_} {_Phoebe_} says:

I laughed uncontrollably. Love you daddy❤

yan- Chan says:

aw man!I wish I didn’t live in London!

Sirley Villegas says:

I dont need it
I dont NEED I

SUN HEE says:

Like si lo quieres

Perrie Martinez 00 says:

I got my perfume for $25

Sienna Tiddy says:

hows watching in 2017 ?

prinka says:

at da end creepy

Bailey&Jxnyy says:

And this is why her song was on American Horror Story.

Phantom of the Opera Nerd 2004 movie says:

Where her videos at?

Luvez says:


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