MinnieMollyReviews♡Black Star By Avril Lavigne Perfume Review♡

Hey Guys!♡ So please excuse: the hair, the nails and the sheer randomness of my state today as i have been up since 6:30am (go to my vlog channel to find out why haha!) but i hope you guys enjoy nevertheless! links below as always, love you guys♡

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Wil Matheny says:

I love Avril!!!

Arizona Marx says:

what happened to your nicki minaj poster!?!? ahhhh. lol jk

Multifandom says:

Your name is Molly, right?

Anni Kerkuklu says:

Please do jb-the key??xxxx

김니카 says:

I would like to review on Katy Perry Oh ​​Oh Sheer:)

Lucy Smith says:

Justin Bieber the key

Eder Benjamin says:

You are a special women,I realy like your reviews,very very good,very cute!

Anna Nemeth says:

Aww love you! How much was the set? xoxo

Emma J says:

It’s such a pain trying to find this perfume now, I still have mine but I’m going to get a big 100ml then use it sparsely

sailor venus says:

Personally i hated Black start, i bought it in gift box set~ other then pretty bottle the Plum smell nearly killed me and she lie~ i can`t smell Any Fuxkkking Dark chocolate at all , MY friends told me they thought it were a Old lady walk by after i apply black star and i think it`s way too strong but on the other hand i loved Forbidden rose!!! it`s so rich in rosy smell i can`t forget it ! but still M by mariah is my love~

Bailey Prewitt says:

Out of all of the avril lavigne perfumes which is best?

101PerfumeLover says:

The new katy perry The spinoff of killer queen

Ardell Thompson says:

another awesome review so look forward to your next review  🙂

Ngaire Broad says:

Great Review!!!!!!!!!

Emily Dutton says:

You always look great in red lipstickgloss

CAguileraSlays says:

i really liked this review, some people say it smells like ( pink friday – our moment – justin’s girlfriend ) you know those scent are the same,, is that right ? 
thanks for the amazing video ! love you so much <3

XNeroGamer Ferreira says:

Melissa Vandella

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