MinnieMollyReviews♡Nude By Rihanna Perfume Review!♡

Hi Guys!♡ So today i am very excited to be reviewing Riri’s 3rd fragrance ‘Nude’ which i have to say is my fav out of all of hers! so please enjoy, like and comment! ♡


Sunday Love says:

You spend like 5 min. talking about the damn bottle? Folks…this fragrance smells great! More of a sensual night fragrance that will make intoxicating impressions. I got many compliments.

JloveLamar says:

I want the slip cover :*(

Micheli Silva says:

nossa que sonho de consumo!me manda por correio kkkk

Pedro Becerra says:

Molly would you help me get the word out I’m having a giveaway on my channel 🙂 thank you you’re so sweet please subscribe 🙂

MinnieMollyReviews says:

@Yaz Brett omg! I thought you said live luxe! Haha! Yes I will definitely review it for you!xo

winnie flores says:

Where do you get your perfumes? Do you get them on a website?

Rose Medina says:

So is it more of a vanilla smell overall

Selenator Micii says:

I heard that Rihanna will release new perfume that will be called Rogue and the bottle designs will be completely different than her previous perfumes.

MinnieMollyReviews says:

I got my samples from ebay! xo

courtney X says:

And where do you get your samples from? xo

Buy Bionic says:

I don’t smell the vanilla (since its not on the notes) I mostly smell the ripe guava, pear & mandarin oranges and other florals… vanilla orchid (a little)

Jacob Nichols says:

hii i have the reble and nude in 100ml and they look like skyscrapers in my city of perfumes, anyway i got nude today and when i sprayed it on the smell faded away quite quickly and the smell is barly there…

makeupxx2 says:

How many perfumes do you have ? And wich is your favorite of ALL TIME ? 🙂

MinnieMollyReviews says:

Unfortunately I don’t have it yet 🙁 but when I do I will review it xo

jojosafa .idris says:

wow.. i want,i want. eheheh 🙂

Hiall U says:

Jaasmine sambac is jasmine that is more strong and sweet n night time ish

imdad tariq says:

I love your reviews

MinnieMollyReviews says:

Oh my gosh! I can’t wait to try it, is there any pictures of it?xo

courtney X says:

Where do you get all of your perfumes from? ox

MinnieMollyReviews says:

Hey! yes i am when it comes out! and thank you so much for subscribing sweetie! hope you carry on enjoying my reviews!xo

Yaz Brett says:

Please could you review Live Platinum by J-Lo? I love your videos,:D

MinnieMollyReviews says:

Wow! I heard the name ‘rogue’ floating around but I didn’t know about the bottle! I can’t wait to see what it looks like! I also heard about her bringing out a men’s cologne? Xo

MinnieMollyReviews says:

@JloveLamar omg! That sucks! And really? I love the silver! So far mines holding up pretty good! Xo

MinnieMollyReviews says:

I thought you would appreciate me getting It! Yes they did! All of my curious scents don’t have the atomiser which I guess is a good thing if it was to leak!xo

JloveLamar says:

So upset they banned the ad at Macy’s. No slip cover on my two nude boxes :(.

I don’t like the silver ring around the top. Its so cheap and the silver paint inside chips and comes off. I like the gold better 🙂

Richard0B says:

Hi, are you planning on getting rouge when it comes out? Hope to see a review of it soon! 🙂

MinnieMollyReviews says:

i get from all over! i get them from drugstores, supermarkets, perfume shops and online shops, and also places like ebay and amazon, please like! xo

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