NEW Mugler Alien Man Fragrance Cologne REVIEW with Redolessence + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

Will be available May 2018

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JoeSCENTMe says:

I look forward to trying this some day. I think that’s the purpose of alien to have a weird almost curiously strange aspect of it.

Brian Moran says:

I love the women scent I’m really really curious about this one. Nice review.

Zdravko Baev says:

Carlos & Steven – BIG thank you for that first impressions of Mugler Alien Man!

SAW9 says:

So nostalgic!! The Alien for her was first yo spark my fragrance interest! Now there’s one for men!!

Stacey Smith says:

Ugh! I have to say I’m a Mugler fanatic! I love how polarizing most of his frags are! I can’t WAIT to try this I just hope the hubs will love it as well!!

John Reasinger says:

I enjoyed the two pronged critique and the fact C took “notes”! (My man) I’ve been waiting for this for ages…nearest Macy’s to me is over an hour drive one way. Please enter me in the draw. Smell swell & be well groovy guys!! J xox

Ben Lee says:

Sounds interesting. Looking forward to trying this one. Hopefully it’s better that the other 2018 releases. This year are been kind of a dud so far.


Loved the history and substantive breakdown of the designer and brand. Your chemistry is the best! NEED to sample so good luck to me!

Pablo Valdivia says:

As always guys, great review, I always enjoy both your takes and transparency. Thank you, cant wait to get my nose on it.

WhatsHappening783402 says:

This is a new scent. It sounds good, thanks for reviewing guys. Hopefully it doesn’t smell like PH, or Ultra zest or pure malt, all of those go straight to the head causing a headache.

Raffaele Ventre says:


Carlos Cruz says:

I really liked you callet odd (but not in a bad way). All Mugler’s fragrances were considered odd in the beginning and all of them turned out to be trendsetters with a lot of “lovers” and “likers”.
I can’t wait to try it 🙂

Matthew Sneed says:

Loved that you were honest and not gushing over it just because it was a new release. Sounds interesting.

metaldiakos says:

Great one. Keep it up!

Corey Evans says:

Hey nice review, the note breakdown sounds like it would be more of an evening scent. Do you agree?

zingaboo2008 says:

Love it when you 2 get together & bounce your views back & forth. Also, great history lesson about Theirry Mugler.

roland hempel says:


Alex Williams says:

I am STOKED for this. So excited! Thanks for the review

RyzFragz34 says:

Great great video guys!! Thanks for the info and always love to hear both of your thoughts.

SAW9 says:

Yes! Yes! Yes!! Branding is exquisite and on one of my favorite Fragrance YouTube channels!

Chase Dickinson says:

I really liked Kryptomint! I would love to try this one. I really liked the history and the thorough explanantion. Thanks!

Matthew McDermott says:

Love the comments from your coworkers

bhaffar says:

Who doesn’t want to smell like dill?

Technical shubham ji says:

i watch full video

Lara Anderson says:

Great, well balanced review. I would love to try this as it sounds fascinating and I like your mixed review. Would love to see how it reacts to my skin. Thanks!

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