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“A new fragrance for all” from the Queen of Pop!

Britney Spears has been killing the fragrance game since before Kim Kardashian was even a household name. She’s by far the most successful celebrity perfumer of the modern era; she’s reportedly sold over $1.5 billion—BILLION—perfumes since she launched Curious in 2004.

With 23 perfumes under her belt, Spears is dropping her most ambitious perfume yet: a gender-neutral scent called Prerogative. “Created for the woman or man who defies inhibitions and societal limitations, this unique scent fuels the confidence and determination to be whoever you want to be,” reads the brand’s statement.

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Guillermo Galaviz says:

The masculinity of that man with sunglasses is so fragile that he wouldn’t wear a perfume that has sweet or feminine scents and is completely contradictory just by looking at his look. At least the older man didn’t mind the pink color of the bottle, and to think that some women said that color wasn’t for men…. they seem to live in the stone age and not in New York in 2018.

Da Goddess says:

I wear anything. As long as it is for freee. Hahaha

euly626 says:

I have it and I LOVE IT ❤️

Pay for Britney's hair extension says:

5:55 *messy*

harris fathir says:

They were so good to describe the parfume

Rudy Sudyono says:

i need a 100ML bottle….

Nicholas Rabon says:

I honestly love this fragrance

Jay Circus says:

QUEEN!!! #BritneyQueen <3

Yoko Cross says:

2:44 is that the woman from Lost? Juliet?

Jorge Colucci says:

My Nike Runners shoes are Black with Neon Pink … Still a man here lol

Raffa's Plastic Life says:

EXQUEEEEESME? They wrote HERMES with an apostrophe. herme‘s? Can’t relate

hilmir says:

What’s the point of asking? All they’re smelling are the top notes anyway…for the full scent story, a person must let it develop naturally, variables such as body chemistry and temperature/humidity also plays a part.

It’s just not giving the scent, or any scent a fair chance by basing it completely on it seconds after spraying.

xavier quinones says:

who’s that girl ? IT’S JESS

HarrLable says:

All fragrances are basically unisex. Just wear what you like. But if Britney wanted to specifically market this as unisex, the design of the bottle needs to catch the eyes of men/boys better.

spooky says:

“I dont think its masculine” that’s cause its *UNISEX* ……

anthony gomez says:

Her midnight Fantasy perfume is still my Favorite…

Jesus Diaz says:

A pesar de que parezca mas una fragancia de mujer, muchos hombres le vamos a dar la oportunidad de probarla ya que es la primera fragancia de Britney dirigida a hombres y mujeres, también considerando que todavía no tiene una directamente dirigida solo al publico masculino.

Chibi Yusa says:

That girl with the accent ughhh so hot

aa311 says:

I think when they say men they mean gay men.

Chris Churchill says:

Is ‘Well good for her’ the American way of saying ‘This is a complete clusterfuck of a product’?

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