Perfume Collection -Part 2:The (classic) Chypres

Perfume collection – overview of the chypre scents. I mispronounced some names – my bad. It should be Estée Lauder Azuree (long ‘e’). Perfumes mentioned:

Liz Claiborne Liz Claiborne
Molyneux Quartz
Christian Dior Diorella
Clarins Eau Dynamisante
Chanel Cristalle
Guerlain Mitsouko
Jean Patou 1000
Clinique Aromatics Elixir
Paloma Picasso
Jean Couturier Coriandre
Shiseido Zen (I think it goes by Classic Zen, now)
Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche
Revlon Charlie
Gres Cabochard
Estée Lauder Azuree

A great resource to look up more about fragrances and reviews:


Rara Avis777 says:

Thank you so much for the comment Cynthia! It’s true what you say – to think of all the (now) vintage fragrances I gave still have them! I’ve taken a liking to drier scents lately, so I should really try the Cristalle edt again, and it does seem like it would be perfect for summer.

BlueHorseYellowCow says:

I am so enjoying your series! Thank you. 🙂
(Since its release, Aromatics has been my all-time favorite. I know many people seem to hate it.)

Rara Avis777 says:

Thank you Catwalkwhore. (Love the handle lol). They really are alike. Diorella is the most fruity; it’s also the most lush and ripest. Thickest and richest of the three. I’d also say it’s the most mossy. Cristalle is the most crisp, and citrus prominent. Quartz is the driest, yet most subtlety floral of the three; also vetiver is most obvious, in comparison to the other two.

Liz M says:

There’s something about Guerlain fragrances that never work for me either, and I thought I was the only one! Seriously there’s some note from that house that always goes cat pee on me 🙁

swiftbanderilla says:

I LOVE your reviews. So knowledgeable but not pretentious–refreshing! I ADORE so many of the fragrances you’ve reviewed here. I was heartbroken to finally buy Paloma Picasso (is yours the EDT? I think the one I purchased had a black top) and it didn’t like me at all!. I wonder if I shouldn’t give it another try because I love classic Chypres!!

Cynthia Ava says:

I have many of these and yes, I love your taste in fragrance and your reviews are perfect in my opinion. I love Cristalle, but prefer the crisp EdT. In the summer, it is perfect out of the refrigerator. Last winter, for some reason, I wore it and it was very healing to me and empowering during a difficult time period of physical illness. Charlie I’ve always loved but had to get rid of it. There was something in it I could no longer tolerate. Zen I had when I was younger and loved it. I’m going to make that my next purchase. It is gorgeous. I’ve had Coriandre, too and wore it before having my daughter eleven years ago. I had the smokey bottle with the beautiful emerald green quartz top, After giving birth, my taste in fragrance completely changed and I gave away or donated an entire perfume collection. Blame it on “baby brain!” What I’d do to have some of those back. Anyhoo, just ordered a small edt of Cabochard. Should be nice in these cooler months. Just adore your collection and videos. Thank you so much for sharing!

Love my family says:

Lovely upload aromatics elixir is one of my favourites and I wear It daily along with poison being my favourite thank you so much for the wonderful upload

Matt’s Classic Fragrances says:

Awesome collection

Jim R says:

Excellent fragrance video! These classic mossy woody-leather-chypre frags were the last genre I explored due to my having fragrances allergies during the 80s, 90s and 00s…stayed away from colognes and perfumes! Regardless, I now love stuff like Antaeus, Quorum, Maxim’s Pour Homme and Ho Hang Club. A gal pal I dated 2-3 years ago was a former Halson model and wore nothing but Halson Classic since she was given a lifetime supply back in the mid-80s. She rocked this fragrance and it smalled fantastic–much better than the current formulation–and she still had a body that would put 95% of twenty-somethings to shame.

Anyway, I retained one of her 1 oz. bottles and purchased a bottle of Gres Cabochard last years. It’s perfect some we dudes too! Moreover, it was dirt cheap and was filled with plenty of mossy (real oakmoss) goodness. I just ordered another bottle and hope that it hasn’t been refomulated.

Regardless, enjoyed the video and I’m hoping to smells some of these classic…just wish more gals wore them these days instead of those fresh-citrus-floral-gourmand scents. C’est la vie.

Finally, would your recommend any of these for we testosterone-laden dudes? Thanks!

Rara Avis777 says:

Thank you so much Jim! Honestly, I think men could rock any of the chypres in my wardrobe. They are all easily shared scents, imo. When you mention testosterone – my top pick of them all would probably be the Estée Lauder Azuree. Check out my Genderless fragrances Part 2 video, as the bulk of them are chypres that I think men can very easily wear. perhaps Diorella would be a little too lush or femme, but give that a test too. Also featured in that video, is the one that you ordered-Cabochard. 🙂 Thank you again for stopping by to watch and chat. 🙂

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