Perfume Review: Covet by Sarah Jessica parker

Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker is my newest fragrance and i love it! Here is my review of the perfume and its related products. I hope u enjoy and please rate and comment! Thank You!


TheFragoholic says:

@angelgoddess1 I adore it too! I got Fancy Love gift set for christmas and its my new fave! I can do a video on it if you like.

Mrlitoxxx says:

I love your gap teeth

cance7984 says:

This is my favorite perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker. What a shame to see that she discontinued it. Now it’s only available by third-party sellers.

Jaime Diaz says:

Hi Greg

GayGeisha says:

‘Vortex of Death’? LOL

augabe says:


peekaboots01 says:

I bought this and loved the bottle design. The flower cap reminded me of a smoky quartz jewel. I thought the bottle felt like quality and well made. I wanted it b/c I wanted a scent that was different and this is it. I didn’t care for the fragrance on myself, but remember t hinking that I’d love to smell it on a man. The haunted forest description is outstanding. I’m exicted to have found your videos. Keep up the good work.

NoireFox says:

For a while I did not like this fragrance, then it grew on me. The coloration of the liquid and the cap perfectly denotes the qualities of the scent; warm, green, vaguely gourmand and woodsy. Very evocative, very atmospheric and quite distinctive. 

TheFragoholic says:

@777Jubilee153 And this video is not for disgusting people like you! You WISH you can work those earings like i can! I think its too feminine for you since you’re clearly not a very classy lady.

Mimi_H ShopandTellafterWork says:

love this video! love the scent of covet!

TheFragoholic says:

@liza6458 I tried one of them, i think it was Endless but im not sure. I want to smell the it again as well as the other two.

tye kristopher says:

@777jubille153 its not quote gods word but the word of man

Erik G says:

I just bought Covet because of your video! I love it and I love your videos! Could you PLEASE do a review of Covet: Pure Blossom, I’d love to know if it’s worth getting. Or if you can’t do a review, can you please just let me know if you would personally recommend it? 

December27Joe says:

I may get this one. You convinced me I think to get it.

TheFragoholic says:

@viviencanady thank you! but be careful because this is very different from Lovely.

MrKeshalover24 says:

Nicki minaj special edition pink friday

Mary Kelly says:

Fragaholic, you did a commendable job of describing a hard-to-describe fragrance. I love Covet too but couldn’t BEGIN to describe it to anyone, that oddball personality it has is just too hard to put into words. But in my attempts to define it I’ve come close to your ‘haunted woods’ simile, telling a friend it was a fume you’d want to wear on Halloween and that it made me think of wandering into a wooded area never visited before where all manner of strange plants grew.
Covet, gotta lovit

tia bfly says:

i love you reviews i have purchased many perfumes in the past few weeks based on your reviews. i

lizzie Brown says:

Dawn is lovely and fresh kind of like lilies love that one too! 🙂

cruz says:

you are soooooooooo cute!!!!

Lamb4real says:

Thanks for the review, I’m a guy looking for something different that not many other blokes wear so I might just go for this

TheFragoholic says:

@Markisan Thats too bad that you didn’t end up liking it. Its a different sort of scent and i guess its not for everyone.

angelkidz says:

Can anyone tell me the name of the song in the intro?

tye kristopher says:

@777jubille It doesnt matter what fragrances you wear men or womens. People are so stupid. I wear whatever I want because it smells amazing on me. A real ‘quote’ christian doesnt judge people. Life is too short so just shut the fuck up and be happy

The West Wing says:

Another fantastic video, keep them coming, i look foreward to your new ones. By the way i would reccomend to you, Covet Pure Bloom by SJP that is by far in my opinion the best SJP scent and it smells amazing!

makeupbystarlight says:

@angelkidz breathing by emma bunton

Melissa Gerber says:

Pity that it has been discontinued. Now that it’s on clearance, people are buying it, and like it after they actually * put it on their skin!*

Jill McLemore says:

I love your videos! I’d really like you to review SJP NYC if you haven’t done it already lol 🙂

Shariya Holliday says:

Wow, really great review, i will definitely look out for this perfume :). I just wanted to ask, have you ever tried out the Jessica Simpson perfumes? I tried out her fancy love and I absolutely adore it!

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