Pinrose Perfumes Review & Sniff

The discount code has expired but the scents are still available!

Everything else you need is below.

Find all of the scents here –

Unsure of which scents might suit your snout? Take their quiz here –

My personalized scent style picks were – Merry Maker, Treehouse Royal and Garden Gangster… two of which were in my top 5 so it must be pretty accurate!



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Sammie Kate says:

I wish I could smell things so I could buy perfumes and smell them and smell nice hahaha 🙂 the quality of your videos lately have been bloody good!

Cindy Sin says:

I absolutely love pinrose. Just wish the bottle was a bit bigger. Hehe

Ruth Salinas says:

+Rhian HY what’s on your lips?! So pretty!

Math RecklessV says:

NOoooooo USA only… I’m so sad 🙁

Stephanie Burgess says:

They all sound amazing. I wish they shipped to Canada. Anyone want to order them for me and send them to Canada? Lovely video and your descriptions were perfect.

Madeline Stern says:

For pillowtalk poet, one of the notes is ambergris, but that’s definitely not vegan…is it a fake ambergris-like scent? I just found it odd that they’d list that. Great video, Rhian! I’d love to see more What I Eat in a Day videos from you and definitely a video with Adam!! Keep up the great work❤️❤️

Leah Galbraith says:

so upsetting they don’t ship to australia yet 🙁

Tatienne J says:

Great vid + you’re gorgeous

sgomez512 says:

Ok just did thank you

Nicstick says:

Love your videos, they are so full of information and knowledge it’s great. Your so freshening to watch, you have one of those soothing voices but yours is very clear and posh in a good way too. Love how your very professional but a laugh too! I am tempted to try that wipe pack first. I don’t think uv linked it so i will have a look at their website and do their quiz. Thank you. xx

elli3_8unny says:

Hi Rhian! I really like your videos! I love natural/cruelty free makeup, but am kind of having a hard time knowing/finding natural makeup. I know that pacifica and 100% pure is natural. Do you know if bare minerals and mineral fusion makeup is natural? Are there some other natural brands that you like? Thanks soo much for your help!!

Tea S. says:

are the wipes biodegradable?

pickleshits says:

This is the best perfume video I’ve seen on this site so far. Thanks for providing us with so much great content, Rhian!

Nicstick says:

Ahh just looked and shipping is only to the USA. By any chance could you try and do some videos on products that you can get from the UK as well please? xx

Katie Bookser says:

I love your videos, they are so relaxing..and now I want to smell all of these! haha another lovely video <3

Emily Storey says:

Just ordered the parfum a go go kit – can’t wait to try all these out!
Also – what is that gorgeous lip color you are wearing? 🙂

Brynne C says:

The pronouncing ‘ylang ylang’ part made my morning haha.
Love your videos, this one makes me want to buy all of the scents and have them lined up on my vanity.

Kendra veganbombshell says:

Not really interested in perfumes but love watching your videos so of course I had to watch this one!. You did a wonderful job of describing the scents and your lip cocktail is gorgeous!

Valerie Morin says:

I was waiting for this video!!!! Thanks for making it. Can’t wait to try their perfumes.

Angie Martinez says:

Love your videos! I agree with one of ur subs…your reviews of items are so informative. I am definitely going to give pinrose a try since I’m also looking for cruelty free vegan scents. Took the quiz and I got Cuddle punk, Campfire rebel and tambourine dreamer…but I’m leaning towards getting the sample pack to try them all. Thanks for the code! Love a good discount! Lol

Sarah Locke says:

Such a thorough and helpful video! Thank you for doing it!!

sgomez512 says:

Tried using the coupon code as well. I have two perfumes in cart. Didn’t work. It says, “This coupon code is not eligible for this order.” Please advise.

Emmi-Annie Niemi says:

This brand too only ships to usa. :,(

Jing Wei says:

Please do the ride or die makeup tag ! Cruelty free and vegan version!

Cindy Sin says:

The quiz recommended all the ones I disregarded lol

Julia .W. says:

“cleanse my snout” hahahaaa

Sevina D says:

I love this video. Very helpful. I hope there is international shipping soon.

jennifer g. lapan says:

one of my favorite videos of yours! these wipes are a great idea… i’m ordering two sets. been perfume-sampling for a few months.

It's Orange! says:

scent videos are very hard, Bravo!! you did a great job and you describe things uniquely and different. Im checking these out because i need more vegan perfume options

Alexandra Benites says:

Do you have any updated coupon codes?

waterpolochick18 says:

I don’t have one of these scents but I just wanted to say I love your videos. It’s 6 in the morning and I’m already having a hell of a day but I watch your video and it made me feel like I was listening to a friend and made me smile. Thanks!

Lauren Donehue says:

So sad this isn’t available in Australia and that Pinrose don’t do international shipping. Get your act together, Pinrose!

Charlie Rioux says:

I really wanted those perfumes after you mentioned them in several ideas, they just sounded amazing. Unfortunately they are not officially sold in Canada and super hard to find… I was able to find some without the box on eBay and they could be sent to Canada! I just got them and they smell amazing… I got garden gangster, which I think smells like nature, makes me think of a green field! Cuddle punk, which smells like a spicy fruity tea to me – and Secret Genius, amazing vanilla scent. I’ve always loved fruity perfumes so I really want to find Merry Maker. Hopefully I’ll find it for next summer!

Allie says:

Tried the coupon code on a petal pack, didn’t work. :-/

Lacey Murray says:

Babe! Does the little travel pack for $24 come with the bag or only the two gift packs? xo

Lauren O'Dea says:

i feel that you would really like the muji aromatiser. you can fill it with your favourite scents, not to mention how chic it is

JustBringMeCoffee says:

I’ve been binge watching your videos as I’ve found you. Why don’t you have 100k subscribers, your content is superb and I could listen to talk about dog shit and still find it soothing.

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