{Review} Trish Perfume by Trisha Paytas & Giveaway! (Closed)

Here is my review of the Trish by Trisha Paytas perfume! (blndsundoll4mj)
I think she’s very entertaining and hopefully she’ll appreciate that we are both honest people in our videos! 🙂
Pros: Cute bottle, PINK liquid!!, a hint of cotton candy, mild, sophisticated
Cons: overwhelming floral scent, fragrance is mismatched to packaging (not very sweet smelling)
Update: This smells better after at least an hour of sitting on your skin, it’s less floral and becomes more sweet.

If you want to enter to win a bottle of her perfume then subscribe to my channel, like this video, & leave a comment letting me know you want to be entered in the giveaway! 🙂 You might love her perfume! 🙂

WINNER: nevershoutbri7
I will inbox you!! 🙂 Congrats!

I will NOT be inbox’ing anybody if they won- on Friday I will pick a winner & write their name in the description box of this video. THEN I will reply to their comment letting them know they won 🙂 AFTER that, I will message you so you will know if you won!

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brainmeats says:

You should changed denied to refused by Jamie! Rhymier.

Megan Lynn says:


Abby Z says:

please enter me to win!

angeldelight900 says:

Enter me please

My life As Hazey says:

I’d like to enter please(:

gresa elshani says:

At 4:50 she said he looks really good on the box hahaa

notes129 says:

I cannot get over your intro LOVE IT SO MUCH.. I ALWAYS HAVE TO SING ALONG

KimberLeigh9 says:

Oooo!!! I’d like to be entered in the giveaway please!!!! :)))) thank you!

BreeWithMyBow says:

Can u do a review on urban decay’s naked lips pls pls

Brianna Ryan says:

Enter me please ;)))

NeighborhoodCatLady says:

You look like Billie Piper. From Dr. Who.

Gabriela Gonzalez says:

Fuck you hater

Sandiego says:

i love how real you are

Tiana Love says:

i would absolutely L O V E to win this perfume!!

Madi Avery says:

Please enter me in the giveaway 😀

Madi Avery says:

Please enter me for the giveaway 😀

ang m says:

i think yours was defective lol

Areli Toscano says:

Vete a la Verga pera

Kristiina Eli Oeselg says:

i want to enter! 🙂

Samantha Matra says:

Enter me

Lilly Rose says:

if you dont like it, you should just give away both of them

Yasmin Begum says:

Love your jumper where is it from?

Trinity Marshall says:

Enter me plz 🙂

Kristiina Eli Oeselg says:

i want to enter! 🙂

S B says:

would love to smell this! xx

Ashley Hirsz-rivet says:

Enter me please

JennellyBelly says:

Your sweater is so cute! I want it.

Unikatne Maske says:

Enter me please 🙂

Jessela1988 says:

Lol it seamed u liked it at first and smelled it like 50 times and said no hahahaha i like it though 🙂

Tori Flare says:

Enter me in the giveaway please !

jake7594978 says:

Awe she’s so sweet

ChezFeroce says:

Where can I buy this now in 2018

yeni garcia says:

Love your sweater were you buy it

Angie Pixell says:

Good for you being honest jamie!

Azza Ebrahim says:

enter me please!!

dinosaur pee says:

Entering !!!!!!

average aussie legend says:

Thank-you for being honest! You are so lovely and cute about it, so definitely don’t feel bad. It’s nice you have enough respect for yourself, us and Trisha to be so polite and truthful!
I don’t think I want to spend the money on it now, I expected the exact same thing from her ravings… What a shame you had to buy it too :

Lindsey Marii says:

Enter me? 

Nancy Tompson says:

Enter me please i love u 🙂

RoseInBalance says:

I’m so curious on what it smells like! Please enter me!!!!

Aaa Fff says:

Are you the girl Trisha was talking about?

ugh eyeroll says:

where is trisha now with her “ohmagawd i love you so much” comment she made on every other review there is on this perfume? oh right, not enough ass-kissing in this video for her to comment

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