Scentbird vs. Scent Trunk | Perfume Subscription Boxes | Long Story Short

Megan and Wendy give their first impressions of two unique subscription boxes: Scentbird and Scent Trunk.

Scentbird –
$14.95/month for 0.27oz of 350+ brand name fragrances
Megan’s choice was Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette

Scent Trunk –
$18/month for 3 generous niche fragrance samples
Fragrances mentioned:
Chemical Bonding
Pour Elle

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Rebecca Daigle says:

ack! youre not supposed to rub your wrists together when you put on perfume! it kills the top notes 🙁

Jesuis Moi says:

needed this video for ever now

Vibez 123 says:

Amazing video thanks

Christopher Griser says:

Megan, so if I don’t like the scent I received I am stuck with it until next month?

Gi says:

When she rubbed her hands I got so enjoyed

Velinda Cisneros says:

I love my scent bird if anyone is interested you can sing up using my link and get your second month free on me! I hope this helps 🙂

Gettin' Saucy says:

I’m so picky about fragrance but I love this idea. I think I would get the one with a few small samples… Gotta love variety! – Sheena

The Good Life says:

Sillage is french word that means when a person leaves the room but their perfume scent stays in the room for a long moment.

Jenny On the Spot says:

Fascinating! I used Olfactif for a few months and found 2 of my favorite scents. But I’m intrigued by these other two! Hmmm…

Giggra says:

You guys take criticism very well. Great video.

Rhianna Seifts says:

Don’t rub the perfume in! I know it’s hard to stop yourself from doing it, but rubbing your wrists together destroys notes in the perfume and weakens the scent. Just FYI. I used to do that too (so many women do! My mother taught me to do it & I’m sure her mother taught her… bad habits passed on through generations!). I stopped as soon as I learned that it destroys the scent. I want to get everything I can out of my scents! (I love both companies though. They offer different things: Personal Curation=Scent Trunk & Personal Choice=Scentbird!)

michael vincent says:

ughh so much rookie mistakes lol , first never rub in the fragrance , you were rubbing that stuff into dust, and sillage is pronounced see-ahg, go for scent trunk , way better

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