Trish by Trisha Paytas Perfume Review

SO excited to finally be trying this perfume.
This review is 100% honest, no holding back, no bs.

If you’re interested in buying Trisha’s perfume (especially for Valentines day coming up!) then go to her website:

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jbestification says:

ur weird AF. 

Tracy Davies says:

You are gorgeous 🙂 Also, I dyed my hair darker and now you’ve reminded me how much I want my blonder hair back! Your hair is amazing!

Tatiana Cruz says:

subbed bc im obsessed you you and trish

Kelly Chinnock says:

hey doll great review x

Ashley Serrano says:

you sound so fucking look smart but why the fuck are you talking like that

Małgorzata Kupiec says:

Definitely the best Trish review on YT I found. Thank you. Finally I know SOMETHING. Plus you’re entertaining 😉

N.T Nguyen says:

In love with your personality! And yes trisha is quite awesome!

Anja Rusche says:

oh my gawwwwd your sooo adorable! Sweety 🙂 Luv ya ! 

Brie XO says:

I enjoyed this video lol 🙂

Huba Nasir says:

You are trying way too hard to be funny

Hannah Huber says:

This has got to be the most adorable shit I’ve ever seen. “This smells like JESUS.” Oh god you’re hilarious! New subbie for sure xoxo

Jessica Adkins says:

Love Love Love you

Chrissybabe1095 says:

love your necklace :3

vietsarah says:

“if you really like wanted injure someone and if you threw this at their head, i feel like they would be greatly injured” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA made me laugh so hard! 😀 you’re so funny

Super AmBerger says:


Austin Murray says:

Jesus smells like poop so that means it smells like poop

Clare O'Brien says:

she wasted so much of it at the beginning omg

t gasoline says:

You try way too hard to be funny that it comes off fake

Andrew Pioggia says:

This is my first video I’ve seen of yours and I love you already! ^_^

Trinity Hunt says:

SUBSCRIBED DEFF!!! You are gorgeous and I love this perfume and love Trisha as well!!

nena santacruz says:

Omg I couldn’t stop laughing… loved the Video…. new subb btw..

Autumn Higgs says:

Your so fun! Definitely subscribing !

blackadder713 says:

love this so much XD

LanzoEmilia says:

ew, what the fuck was that, you are not funny man…

Supernatural Pies says:

Like 11 sprays of perfume 🙂

Thea Vlogs says:

Oooooooo I wantttt

Megan K. Boons says:

You’re really funny. If I were to propose a girl it would be you. Love your vids, keep up!

Janessa Wesley says:

Your halarious! I love your videos, good luck!

Bunny says:

Your beauty is on another level girl. Seriously making me question my sexuality… Wow.

Wendy DeLaney says:

haha, cute

Xhauntings says:

She is trying too hard to be funny…

CydnieBenbow X says:

You seriously try to hard to be like trish it’s pretty embarrassing if I’m honest. I cringed watching you.

Lauren Albashety says:

Your so funny

ohhmyydarla says:

OMG WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE 😀 haha I was laughing and going omg!!! you are amazing!!

ChezFeroce says:

Where can I buy this now in 2018

roseannare says:

I love your hair, your energy, your style, your fab zebra prints everything! <3

unknown-ghost-girl says:

omg you’re a cutie!!

Maya Angeline says:


Kayleigh Byron says:

It smells like JESUS

JessTheBrunette says:

I fucking love Trisha too!! She’s amazing!!

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