unboxing review MOSCHINO perfume TOY

unboxing review of MOSCHINO’s perfume: “TOY” – launched for the first time in November 2014! This is Jeremy Scott’s first perfume for the MOSCHINO fashion house!

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Lacey Noel says:

Just finished the same video. 🙂 Wanted to see if anyone else did it. I’ve subscribed to your channel! 🙂

Hanif Widjaya Koesoemah says:

I Love your style, love your videos, Love your reviews, Love your taste! great vids I really enjoy your video. I want all your items! LOL. so quick question, so all the items you reviewed is for your as collection or you resell it ? thanks XOXO

manny Lago says:

Finally your back , this video was so fun , as always love the videos x Super cute want 1 for myself xx sending you lots of love and energy x Have fun x

Kirsty Nightmare says:

That is gorgeous and cute as and I want it because of the teddy bear not the perfume lol

TheHeauxDiaries says:

You ordered from MOSCHINO.com… RIGHT?

Natalie Melhado says:

You make me want to buy everything moschino! I love all your videos.

Love VivWest says:

I wondered how long before u did a video about the perfume lol, so interesting and made me laugh as always, your jacket was great too. Saw Jeremy all over instsgram about him being at harrods. Keep it up, loving ur channel

Martin Moore says:

I’m so happy I got this delicious teddy bear. It sits eccentrically well with the rest of the scents. M

Yarpou Aak says:

The perfume is for men?

Miss Red says:

how much is it

Cat says:

Another super helpful vid! Thank you dear!

Jimy5 5 says:

Hey man do you know were we can found the perfume of Jeremy Scott adidas wings??? 

Alison Wonderland says:

great review looking foreword to the give away!

thekotiloftus says:

just subscribed~ love your videos. I have a feeling I will dislike the perfume based on the description, I generally go for super floral or super sweet perfumes (like prada candy, v&r flowerbomb etc), however I will probably buy it anyway because the creative design is so cute! Totally in love with everything from both seasons this year~ so excited to see what’s to come in the future with Jeremy Scott as creative director!

RainbowPotato Chip says:

Gorgeous!!! Where did you got the jacket??!!!

Ari McGuire says:

can someone explain to me what a moschino toy is and why this isnt one is it supposed to be a joke i got the same phone case for christmas but i just dont get it like is it funny? what is it??? help! like i know its a purfume but i really dont get it.

Ashley Cooper says:

Thank you! Happy to see how it works before buying!

randyyodo says:

Great review! I really want to smell this fragrance!! The “TOY” concept from the packaging to the actual bottle is such a genius idea!!! When will you have the giveaway of the sample?

Jason says:

Finally I got it from the Boxing day sale in london. Yeah

disi_nguyen says:

After long working day im coming home, sitting on my sofa and watching your video is best for me, the teddy is so cute :))))

Just Sae says:

love what you are wearing,the teddy bear perfume packaging is very interesting and great video as alway

Super Dacob says:

Hi Hope Gomz, depending on which country or continent you live… The perfume costs between 90 and 120 Euro. xoxo

John Charles says:

I saw this beat and I thought it was the cutest thing ever but I don’t have a way to smell it, and I thought it could smell like a cheap toy perfume but it sounds really elegant! Wish I had a moschino store near me.

JloveLamar says:


Dr. says:

You should do a review on moschino ¿oumo? I’ve heard it’s amazing

Rachael Griffin says:

that sweatshirt is badass I want one

Sabrina F says:

This video made my day.

KillStupidPeople says:

I need that fucking teddy bear

Vincent Zeng says:

I love you my dear, but you should do more editing to make the video shorter.

emilio says:

Very interesting teddy bear packaging! I imagined it to smell very sweet but not really according to your review and fragrantica. And can’t wait for the giveaway! Always wanted to try the Chanel Les Exclusifs line but never had the chance.

Anthonykabiity says:

where do you get your moschino pieces from? a store near your house or do you order them online? because i want to order it online but i want the bag and everything

Pata de perro says:

where did you get the sample from? its because i want to buy this fragance but im so how affraid of how the smell it could be.

Alex Is Weird says:

I really hope I can get this for Christmas, I loooove Jeremy Scott, too bad I’m broke to buy his stuff LOL Hoping to get a pair of the JS Wings as well haha 🙂 BTW love your videos!

Richard Kilos says:

I’m tempted to go try it

Jeana Dylan says:

love love love your jacket – where did you get it or did you make it or did someone give it to you??? – enjoying your videos 🙂

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