Women Killed by Poisonous Perfume Samples?

Women Killed by Poisonous Perfume Samples?

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Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video, Big Beard B of Big Beard Business discusses fragrance safety.

Have you ever wondered about fragrance ingredients? Are you aware of the chemicals that make up your favorite fragrances?

Big Beard B ask his subscribers to share their thoughts on fragrances and the fragrance creation process. He briefly discusses ”secret” fragrance ingredients and transparency in fragrance development.

Inspired by ”Women Killed by Poisoned Perfume Samples” article.

Article: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/charnel-no-5/

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Danny Pacini says:

I make my own secret sauce

H2Ono says:

In case you haven’t noticed, we have been devolving into a “leftist’s, hell. Schroo all these regulations, cry babies and “I want what’s yours”, dooshbhaags …I WANT MORE OAKMOSS. BIGGY-B ! ..hey.. quietly spray some Bvlgari Hockey Puck on, and move in close…Lmk, what the Mrs. Says…OR, have her wear it, I guarantee, she will feel it. Angelina Jolie’s, favorite. I love wearing it…then again, I’m a big hockey fan! Aloha to the Beard Fam, Bob :))

Tony GameTime Johnson says:

I feel like listing the entire breakdown would create a lot of knock offs, but at the same time, they’re not having to list HOW MUCH of certain ingredients are in the fragrances so it can still remain a special “sauce” to that particular line….that’s my opinion

Vauxhall 2theBay says:

Just saw the t-shirts. I’m on that olive green

J W says:

I have no issues with perfumes listing every single ingredient. After all, we apply these things to our skin, the largest organ of the human body. Shit, my wife just had a severe allergic reaction to Queen Anne’s Lace, an ornamental garden plant. She needed a shot of cortisone and is on steroids for 10 days.
As for the secret sauce argument, who cares? Look at the note breakdown of multiple fragrances in the same vein…like a fresh aquatic for example. Do they share similar ingredients? Yes. Do many smell similar? Absolutely. Clone schmone. If the fragrance smells good, who cares? And, if it smells good and you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, even better. Even better than that? Hitting the goddamn bell. FTB yo!

Ahriman S says:

Secret sauce my ass. I want the list. You know big companies are shady. Ain’t no telling what’s all in those Tom ford bottles that we’re allowing to sink into our blood streams. Not asking for the recipe, just the ingredients.

Vasilis Tsi says:

I think listing all ingredients is vital because some people might be allergic to some of those and should be noticed. But they do not list how much of each ingredient is putted in! There are thousands or millions combinations but only one has the exact ammount of each ingredient putted in a perfume to make it what it is.This is also vital so that other companies cannot copy (at least exactly) a fragrance!

Jesse B says:

*a bunch of other things that Robes08 can’t pronounce

karatejoejr says:

I think they should list the chemicals but not there formulas. But as long as they are safe, I really dont care. There are some people that have allergies and they should know. It’s a toss up. Good video Big BB

Buck Junkie says:


Avantius Maximus says:

I could see the pros and cons of listing everything in the Fragrance. HOWEVER, I feel when buying quality frags in theory you’re working with safer ingredients. Thanks for the steady content BBB! Lets see the kicks and frag series!

iamdxpe says:

heads up bro if you dony modify this title youtube will blacklist these kind of videos from the algorithm

Ryan Sidhu says:

Alexandria just dropped a Creed Himalaya clone. Any plans on comparing it to the OG papa creed BBB?

Won Honglo says:

Not on the bottle but everything should be disclosed to OSHA so the public can be aware of the dangers by looking at the Material Safety Data Sheet. In this way only the chemicals that make up the substances will be disclosed to the public and not the actual ingredients.

Andrija C says:

I think that frag houses should list ingredients that can and is dangerous. Not everything…but we should be informed about some hormone disrupting chemicals and so one…salute

tridentseven693 says:

Nah I don’t care what’s in the stuff other than the notes. I probably wouldn’t know what the big words mean anyway. Btw I got Ed Hardy’s Love and Luck and it smells pretty good. Like a citrusy floral scent that kinda reminded me of YSL’s L’homme.

Pulze Pointz says:

wait? what bell?

You haz some coke for me? says:

would be so funny to see how many fragrances contain real oud

digupstuff says:


pandora p says:

Hmmmm. I’ll get back to you on this : )

karriem tarver says:

What in the world makes us think that Old Spice or Axe don’t have a Lab where they break things down or even where they come up with some of their Concepts I don’t believe that not putting it on the package. Will stop Old Spice from getting the secret recipe. Besides Old Spice has their own Blends stuff like original Old Spice Swagger player maker and so many more do they really need to copy or can they just stay in their own lane. I mean the old spice Line has been around since 1937 . maybe they don’t put it on the label for fear that we’ll see it ain’t worth it that we might see some of the essential oils and some of the other various fragrances are low-quality. I could be wrong more likely not there are some people who are allergic to certain elements so for this reason maybe they should State the facts on the bottle. Copyright will protect their line. Besides aren’t there cologne companies that copy each other or smell similar.

Jose Lara says:

Ur my best fragrance specialist, ur honest opinion with specific details, like performance, ur funny af, keep up the awesome work man

S v says:

Thank you for sharing this

Kai Bully says:

Damn this better not be clickbait that title got me interested

Norseman says:

Yes, they should list every ingredient. The notion that their “secrets will be stolen” is completely bogus. Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry is so incredibly easy and cheap to do. It produces a full list of all the ingredients AND their quantities used in a perfume. If someone wants to make a clone they will, and plenty exist on the market as proof.

On the topic of ingredient regulation, yes the IFRA regulates the market, but the fact remains that most ingredients are untested for health effects. If you look up chemical data sheets on popular ingredients you will often see words like “no data” or “unknown”.

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