Zadig &Voltaire perfume review

This week we’re talking about the brand of Zadig & Voltaire and showing you their two new fragrances; This is Her! and This is Him!

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HRH says:

Goodness, your descriptions do a really good job of evoking the scents. I think you’re right about Zadig & Voltaire breaking the rules. They broke the grammar one by avoiding the more correct ‘This Is She’ and ‘This Is He’. Hahaha

Shruthi Reddy says:

Is this more of a day wear or night time fragrance? ( I mean the “her” version)

Eduardo Nogueira says:

My partner hates this one, but I love it. Perhaps because she knows that other noses would get interested 😛

Allen Sandusky says:

Great review. Sounds intriguing. Hopefully it will be accessible in the US soon. My wife and I are going to Italy in November. Do you have any Italian fragrance houses you would recommend. I am happy to see you surpassed 1000 subscribers. Congratulations.

Noone says:


Danillon Pujadas says:

Thank you beautiful ladies

frederico neves says:

To me, this is him, reminded me of “comme des garçons 2” mainly because of that smell of an old Church just as you mentioned.. its a smell that morphs in a couple of hours to something better than the initial spray (in the store i thought it was just another sweet and generic one).. keep up the good work

Manuel Dominique says:

Great scent, just gave it a try recently. Smells woody & fresh on my skin. Great longevity & pretty good projection.

sydgia01 says:

Great video! I love churchy incense scents. One of my favorites are interlude man by Amouage and the Incense series by CDG.

AmydotsTV says:

I smelt this is her in John Lewis and I fell in love. I shrugged it off st first but the sales lady insisted on spraying it on my hand and I’m glad it did! It’s definitely a unique scent and I can’t wait to buy it. It reminds me of PaCo rabanne black xs in the sense that it’s vanilla and can be masculine

Pobeditel says:

Клевые тетки!

Samuel Gustav says:

I have never heard of this brand until yesterday when I saw this 2 new fragrances, got a quick sniff of both, to me I see this two as part of the same block of stone, breaking it and you have the pure one (white) and the dark one (black) to me i see this 2 as unisex, one cleaner, smoother, the nice one, the black one the dirtier, the rebel, like a ying-yang. They where putted in the same place and I didn’t read the small letters, I actually though the white one was unisex and I still think a man can pull it of, not a overly masculine guy, to me is the best from those 2 and I quite like it, different enough as a designer scent.

The man version I need to give it another go, but first impressions wasn’t the best, I like incense in fragrances but I got a extremely powerful accord of something that smelled like iso e super in the mix of the other notes, so I though it was kind of a mess, but I don’t like to judge fragrances on first impressions, need to give it a skin test and outside of the store. It wasn’t bad, and not generic this point only is very good since most designers lately have been extremely generic, everything smells almost the same, so kudos for Zadiq & Voltaire.

Btw, the angel is awesome!

Infinity X says:

I really saw this before with my girlfriend but they don’t have “This is Him”. The one that you spray on your neck “This is Her” has it there and got a quick sniff that one. I really love that beautiful smell and my girlfriend agreed too. She bought it so finally see her chance that she spray her neck. I was happy and gave her hug.

Steven Withers says:

love the male one it’s on my list of ones to buy

jose edson ovando fernandez says:

i just bought it and i love it .

jane mou says:

I just bought this is her! and i love everything about it, the bottle design, the scent and everything

Narendra Jadhav says:

Why EDT. and not EDP

Fragrancy blog says:

I bought it last week, love it so much! Such a nice basic scent for work 🙂

Utoy Gonzalo says:

Amazing scent on This is him variant, i like the smoky and creamy milky vanilla it emits. Not irratating on the nose but rather it gives smooth and suave impression. Actually it may give a feminine base note yet the incense and peppery notes will give manly impression and will balance the scent overall. Besides i feel unique whenever i wear this.

Maddi Booth says:

I work as a perfume spritzer and a customer asked me why they made for him an EDT and not a EDP like for her and I didn’t know the answer so I was wondering if you know the answer?

Joey Feld says:

NZ has this already!! (Which is rare, since we’re usually months behind new releases.)
I liked the chestnut, but the cream + vanilla made it sort of boring for me. Also there’s a lot of sandalwood.
Very long lasting though.

Mario Aguilar says:

I love this one for men. Unique and sexy!

MrKjellqvist says:

I actually tried this last week but was a bit put of by the very strong and harsh incense note. I didn’t pick up any vanilla at all but then again only tried it on paper. Need to revisit after seeing your enthusiasm 🙂 (your partiality considered) Cheers!

Jack says:

I bought a 1ml tester of ‘this is him’ as soon as I finished the video, looking forward to giving it a try.

Allistar Anglophelia says:

I love the idea of chestnut as a note. I’ll have to hunt down a sample

David Miller says:

Hi Girls,

Great review by the way!
i was lucky enough to grab sample of this is him.

I must say i am absolutely in love with this fragrance. The pepper, Vanilla and Sandalwood really stand out and projects off my skin like a beast. I had a girl comment on my fragrance over the weekend while I was out which striked a conversation which lead to her giving me her number!! Great winter fragrance with a rough, clean, mysterious edge smell!

Martin Wiezowski says:

I love it, for me its a Mix of a lightly playfull parfum also its maskulin. I’ve bought this because i was looking for a parfum, which is not so Mainstream like Boss Botteld or something else. Altough Boss Botteld is a great parfum.

Gille87 says:

I am a man, and I fell in live with this brand and the women’s perfume due to a sample I got through a makeup order since I am a MUA. I collect perfumes, and I love heavily scented spicy and wooden notes. Not so much into fruity or floral, but this was lovely. I live in Norway, and I’ve never heard of this brand.

pdude1911 says:

Nice video! I love how the bottles are designed! Got a sample of This Is Him with a recent purchase. The opening instantly reminded me of Dior Fahrenheit Parfum (which I absolutely LOVE) but it quickly turns into something that is too powdery for my tastes. Also I detect somewhat of an unpleasant rubbery note in the base.

Ami Loves Perfume says:

I saw this in my local chemist the other day, I will go back and try it today!

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