3 Citrus Fragrance Recommendations with David Ball!

Here are 3 citrus cologne / fragrance recommendations for the summer with my friend and published author David Ball! Thank you for watching!


#3: https://bit.ly/2MBORSY
#2: https://amzn.to/2Mcb9Op
#1: https://bit.ly/2vxP82V

Here’s the video we did on the house of Amouage!:

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Bernie777 says:

Welcome back, David. I appreciate the introduction to these hidden gems. I really like Cuir Mandarine by David Jourquin Thank you gentlemen.

MisterDapper says:

Extremely informative video! I really enjoyed the perspective of another knowledgable scent connoisseur. Thank you for sharing.

I am really enjoying Artisan Pure by john varvatos. Not exactly sure which specific citrus notes it uses. But it has a very lemon lime smell thats is very refreshing along with an herbal quality. It is one of my new favorites.

Cheers guys!

Dany Anctil says:

I’m wearing Bergamote Soleil right now…my favorite one! Tkx to both!!

Mark Kornak says:

David is my favorite guest on your channel. I could listen to him tell stories and talk fragrance for hours.

James Underwood says:

Well done Steven and thank you, David

William Barker says:

I found Stirling Soap Co. 6 months ago and have not used any other shave soap since. They have a great line of shave soaps and aftershaves that smells like popular men’s colognes. I shave with Aventus like soap, splash on Aventus smelling aftershave and finish of with Club De Nuit Intense Men.

Parfymer och Kostymer says:

David seems like such a sweet guy, and he’s definitely very knowledgable as well. I love him! More videos with him, please!

raidernationcali says:

Interesting piece redo. I quite enjoyed.

Talk N Review says:

Awesome video Steven! Love the detailed information and fragrances I have never heard of. Keep it up.

Jermaine Sauls says:

What a nice video Mr G.One can tell that you respect and appreciate David’s experience and knowledge of fragrances so much.

samaat66 says:

Teach Mr G!

NYC Fragrances says:

The Benedictus link opens up with the right picture but it says that it is an Audio CD

itsmeeeeeeeeeee says:

Hello Mr. G! Thank you for bringing your friend David to your side of the community. I really wish that one of these days you would do a review of MFK Absolue Pour Le Soir which I know that you own. If possible compare it to Grand Soir ? Thanks.

joel diaz says:

Feeling like a more educated consumer. Thanks Steven.

Khaled Al-Nassar says:

Very informative and pleasant video, Dr. David is true reference on the art of olfactory among other things. Bravo

Batphink Reynolds says:

I LOVE Bergamot and can’t get enough of it so I’m eager to get a decant of these three.I love Citrus frags and especially quality ones,but still looking for one……Ferrari bright Nerol is great but longevity is ermm ok….and Tom Ford Neroli Portofino doesn’t last over an hour.

Muddy says:

Needed to make a cup of tea, get comfy & put my feet before watching this vid. Could listen to you two talk fragrances all day! Thanks.

Mayank Sahu says:

100% correct.

pandora p says:

I remember the Amouage video with David. Those 3 sound impressive. But do they smell dated at all? For example, Habit Rouge and New York Intense are liked by many but I never really used them aside from testing at home after buying them.
Neroli for me and my favorites are Kobe, Reflection Man and Eau de NY. And Neroli Portofino Forte which I don’t own yet.

DixieLiving says:

David Ball is always such an interesting guest. Thanks for exposing us to other mysteries of fragrance alchemy.

Juan Rodriguez says:

Bergamot is my favorite. I really enjoyed this video 🙂

Rich Mitch says:

Rose essential oil smells like vinegar too

Praesidian says:

Can always count on Steven and Sebastian from Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews to provide great content.
Appreciate the knowledge David brings here. Absolutely awesome! Favorite citrus is Orange.

shaji wahabuddin says:

Versace Pour Homme is my favorite citrus scent and guess what? It’s got everything. Bergamot, Lemon and Neroli.

Keith Montgomery says:

Another excellent collaboration. I certainly wouldn’t complain if David was a more regular guest on your channel. My favorite citrus note is Yuzu.

Max Testi says:

Note De Yuzu

freddiefragz says:

Very educational video… good job guys

David Alford says:

If you had to pick 1 {Auquatic} colonge WITH Projection, Longevity, etc. What would be your pick ???

David Clark says:

Nice video different and very informative I like the opening in sauvage with the calabrian Bergamot

NYC Fragrances says:

Calabrian Bergamot and Sicilian Limes are my favorite citrus note. Let’s also not forget Yuzu

cravis123 says:

I love people who talk with real passion about something. We need more like this especially about fragrances. Great!

Ahmed Ironmaiden says:

More videos like this! Very Knowledgeable gentlemen , and I’ve learned alot

shaji wahabuddin says:

That’s what you call a Fragumentary. Nice. Well done Steven and thank you David. Learnt a lot today

atif nawaz Nawaz says:

i love cool water.so plzz tell the fragrances which is like cool water like smell.

Tom Dehaes says:

What a great video – so much useful information – David has obviously a great knowledge Dankeschön- hat mir sehr gefallen- you should add more videos together or David could start his own channel “ Dr Cologne” – my favorite citrus colognes are Mancera Cédrat Boisé, Le Labo Bergamotte 22 and Creed Neroli Sauvage – though I like for the winter also citrus with oud blended

Helen Matthews says:

I never thought I could learn so much about perfumes in only half an hour. Hope to see much more of David. He is well spoken with an abundance of knowledge about this and many other subjects,

Mirror Neurons says:

Nice video.

Orange is my favorite. I just love the smell.

Patrick Sawyckyj says:

Wow, Mr. Ball you are one smart person! I can tell there is so much knowledge locked up inside that head of yours and every time you open your mouth it comes pouring out. You are putting Steven to shame!!! Just kidding. Thanks for the lesson.

Yvo Royèr says:

nice, I come from the Netherlands and am now on holiday in Turin, I just 3 days ago at Donato and have bought a lot, Tabacco, Pirata, Kraken, Espezial, Arancia Italiana and Bay Rum. I enjoy his soap aftershave and balm, a real treat as a luxurious moment for the man, although there are plenty of women who also use this product for their legs.

But there are many more toppers.

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