4 Summer Fragrances from DUA | Fragrance Review & Giveaway!

In this video I am taking a look at four excellent Summer fragrances from DUA Fragrances. Featured are Matrix which is inspired by Xerjoff Nio, Amalfi Coast inspired by Creed Jardin d’Amalfi, Poseidon’s Elixir 13zz inspired by Creed Aventus and Best Citrus Ever inspired by Henry Jaqcues Irois. If your looking for the best summer fragrances this video may be useful!

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Marty Drury says:

Martindrury12 in instagram. Following you on there. Love best citrus ever. Matrix is really green on me and smells like a garden so not sure what’s going on there. The Aventus expression is also really good but on my skin I find it goes towards the smokiness rather than the pineapple. With dua I have a list of releases I like and those I love.

MSW 1912 says:

Great video Chris. My bottle of For Queen & Country has arrived, my first impression is very positive. I am looking forward to giving it some full wears soon.

MrBklynboy1 says:

Thank you for the giveaway, Instagram : brianranzie

christian pickles says:

heisenbergstark (IG) Top video my man. Best citrus ever is very tempting.

Just Add Light says:

Really like that beachside presentation Chris. Curious to know what the best citrus ever smells like! Insta: donilight

Batphink Reynolds says:

Amalfi Coast sounds like my kind of thing,plus the Best Citrus Ever.Bollocks I don’t do Instagram,will have to check it out one day rofl. Good clip hope it;s not too scorching hot over there/

Dovainis Banketas says:

Hi I have fragrance allergy could you give some advice I get headaches

lukeedwards78 says:

I got into fragrances only a few weeks ago when I discovered clones… I’ve got about 30 PP clones including jardin d’amalfi and think it’s really nice. It’s one of my top 3 favourites from creed for sure. I’ve not smelt the original so cant compare though!

eboss3000 says:

count me in 🙂
like your Vids. hope to win a decant:
Insta-name: errrn03

maxigama ndossi says:

i like you video since day one ,the reviews are mouth watering and i cant stop smiling whenever u say the word lovely in ur accent.i love to try both of them from this lovely review hahahahaha instagram @aprimaxxi

OGAesthetics says:

dua vs pp !!:-)

GeeMood says:

Good video, as always. I have a sample of Matrix and while I own quite a few higher end niche fragrances, I can’t find Nio in the old 100ml bottle anymore. I don’t want to pay $300 for a 50ml. With that said, I wanted to buy Matrix had a coupon code for 25% off and when I was checking out the code suddenly expired. I wrote the owner, Mahsam 2 times about it, even wrote him on his dua facebook page and….NOTHING. That is terrible customer service. I feel the price is too high for 30ml/1oz of cloned juice, parfum extrait (it’s said) or not, so that 25% code was basically my selling myself on buying it lol. I actually like Matrix a lot, but I have this thing about good customer service. If your’s is the shits, I ain’t buying shit…period. Guess I’ll keep searching for the old 100ml bottle. Notino has it but their website in the US is gone as we all know.

Phil Sweet says:

Hi Chris, Count me in, thephilsweet on instagram. Loving the channel, find Dua too expensive to blind buy, currently have a drawer full of the two PPs which I personally find amazingly good. If you could just include a few one arm press ups, about 10 should do it :-).

Asif Ali says:

Dua perfumes are really rubbish and perfume parlour too they smell so fake I don’t know how people think they smell good unless these reviewers are given these rubbish things for free I have had them all and in the I have had my refunds buy decants instead they make for sense

Oliver Wollaston says:

Thanks for the video. Would love to get my nose on those fragrances! How does the Dua take on Aventus compare with that from Luxor?
Instagram: eggman80

Mark Mark says:

This guy is so funny!! I like the video where you hi jacked joshs channel lmao

Jonathan Storey says:

If we have a Summer next year as glorious as this one… I’ll buy every single Dua from the range! Great vid and lovely-sounding frags.

Mohamad Yusop says:

This video is most appropriate for the weather here in Singapore as it is mostly hot and humid…so fresh and citrus fragrances are the way to go.

Instagram @ mamad19

Fran says:

Great work Chris. When are we going to see your perfume collection 🙂

Shawn Elliott says:

Great video.

SciGuyFRAGZ says:

Great review man! I still haven’t tried any dua but I would love to try neo i almost bought it once. My Instagram name is sciguyfragz. Keep up the good work!

Kevin Bryant says:

thewhiskyrambler on Instagram, liking the reviews Chris. To be fair I’ve not tried them so cannot really comment so just an opinion but struggle with Dua’s pricing if I am honest. So many great fragrances out there around the same price. Keep up the good work, cheers Kev

Brandon Hubbard says:

Would love to be entered. hubbard6743 on instagram. Thanks

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