A*men Ultra Zest Review! Semi-fresh, semi-citrus

*This bottle was generously provided for review
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bigpapykane says:

If this is not orangey than I’m nuts! Also semi fresh? Was this suppose to be a freshy?

Abq fire72 says:

how long till it hits fragrancenet you think?

Mario Croft says:

i hate the sweet mugler’s dna so much but i love their bottles design so much 🙁

Andre Szymanski says:

Best fragrance review ending ever! 😀

shuggarush says:

4 millions gallons? Make it 10! Feels so good to see you guys together.

Connor Rebuck says:

My nose must be broken because literally what I get is Oranges and Syrup when I smell this lol

William D'Alexander says:

I don’t get the orange creamsicle scent……… do you remember the chocolate oranges you had to break apart,,,,, that’s exactly what I get….

Abq fire72 says:

Are you guys excited for pure tonka this month?!

JKingMuzik says:

Tried it today and YESSSS … Its not Horrible … Lol  Totally not bottle worth .. IMO

James Jackson says:

You guys are spot on, as much as I like ultrazest, its not fresh enough for it to be worn in the summer. I agree for summer TM should make flankers of Mugler Cologne. Tom Ford took their soapy fragrance neroli portofino, added some tangerine/ citrus notes & released mandarino di amalfi , which smelt much better, TM could do something similar with Mugler Cologne.

Adriano Bello says:

great video guys, as always.. Keep up the good work! 

Alex98765 says:

On the drydown it’s so close to 1270 by Frapin. Almost identical. I remember Daver don’t like 1270 (even now don’t understand why), so glad he enjoy this scent.

Mr. Shlock says:

“Thierry Mugler Pure Orange Tang”!

myvicentiu says:

Man, did anybody told you how much you look like Bradley Cooper ? Like a a twin brother. If you would were a wig similar to his hair people would take you as Bradley for sure. incredible.

Jason Mabry says:

I have a fragrance I like but I wonder your opinion on it I’ll let you guys borrow it Mancera Cedrat Boise . Let me know

Troy says:

I absolutely get orange zest from this- you meant to say “to MY NOSE, I don’t get zest.”

cordj549 says:

Did you draw on your eyebrows today Dave ?

Abq fire72 says:

looking for a nice zesty orangy cologne, this or clinique happy?

Cleighton Presutti says:

JERRRRR JERRRRR JERRR JERRRR…. JERRRRR JE JERR JEERRR JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR! Come back pleaseeeeeee! Your vids mean allot to me because litterally noone in my life that I know in person could give a shit about my passion with fragrances and watching your vids I feel like I can share it with everyone

Joanna Harrison says:

Les Exceptions by Thierry Mugler is the newest line

Lux Aeterna says:

This fragrance is zesty like crazy to my nose. Almost like an orange bomb. I get the pure malt comparison, and I like this one for the same reasons I like PM. I think I can wear UZ to more occasions, too.

Matthew Richert says:

This one doesn’t work on me. Just meh. I’d rather save up for something better.

wise man says:

4 million gallons to go please lol

Mtalll1 says:

I am waiting for pure weed next year. Something grassy and with a lot of herbs.

Deemo Of The 90's says:

I agree with Dave, I felt this one is a side-grade to Pure Malt. TBH though, I think people around you (average joe) probably wouldn’t tell the difference if you did interchange these two. Smells great, but not that much difference.

biobele william-west says:

this is one of my favorite fragrances in Angel man

CQBad1 says:


The Dude says:

When I smelt it at Macy’s, I got the creamsuckle  smell.

I AM says:

I actually see both of your points and agree with you both. But I DO really like this fragrance.

Michael Turovskiy says:

Whoa! Nine dollars for 100ml? That’s a steal right there….Lol. I know you meant to say, or said, but I didn’t catch it, that it is 90 dollars. Excellent review as always. I need to try it out. Maybe it will smell differently to me than to you guys.

ThePoolSharkWizard says:

Great to see Jer again! 🙂

JKingMuzik says:

dope … Its not horrible … I love that ..

Danial Seman says:

maybe this is best for tropical climate where there is no vivaldi, just morton gould – tropical 🙂

j-kob hernandez says:


sig2noize says:

Lol..that, was great !

Nicky T says:

You guys are the best, Having Jer back makes it so much better

demonwares says:

I am in a dilemma here. I ordered this and had it ship to a friend in USA because they never sold any “pure” fragance where I live before. He will give it to me when he travels here (5 months from now). Now, they are selling this in my country (and they have no tester), and I hear it has been discontinued. I am not sure if I should buy one here since I am eager to have it and 5 months is a long time. But then again, I doubt I’ll like it better than Pure Malt and I only have 1 bottle of Malt… I think I would rather have 2 Malts and 1 Zest…. though I live in a place where it is almost always “summer” so Zest should be more appropriate… what to do what to do haha.

Matt says:

I was hoping to be able to track this down during a visit to the mall this weekend. Unfortunately the SA said they were still about a week out from receiving this. I did however sample the Bleu de Chanel EDP as well as the infamous Polo Supreme Oud. The BDC EDP was forgettable. However, I think for what Polo has done with their mandatory Oud fragrance, it’s not all that bad. Have you checked it out yet?

PS…. please lose the disrespectful haircut. I think we’ve been through this before.

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