Axe Suave Body Perfume Review

there are no official notes anywhere , so i think ill put what i got, probably there is citrus, bit of spearmint,spicy notes, lavender, musk, patchouli, some florals and it feels like oriental fougere , at least to my nose.somewhere along the line with AF Fierce,Burberry Brit, Brit Rhythm and Bvlgari’s man in black, not in a very strong but subtle way. i wanted to do this episode for kids and people with a budget who are looking for a good fragrance for daily wear and also all purpose, lets see in details. bottle sizes only one size i think, 122 ml, price is around 5/6 USD and 400 taka in Bangladesh.



Nice vid as usual.

koottsta koopr says:

I like your style my friend!!

Joy Amin says:

i forgot to add…this one up top has the smell of gasoline a bit like fahrenheit and also dsquared Hewood…no wonder it smells very familiar from the atomizer…if you love those two, you will like this

Tommo Du Preez says:

l like that you review what you like.Poeple buy what they can afford and not a lot of reviewer’s cover the “cheaper” fragrances so thank you for shining some light on them.Keep up the good work.

Bob Ono says:

Sexy Spray! How popular is Axe in Bangladesh, Maestro? Brasil, I believe is an enormous market outside of the US .

]Meraquanta[ says:

Nice work. Axe it up once in a while, why not. Have you tried Axe Peace? When it came out people were calling it Axe Fahrenheit and for a reason. Smellwise, I’d say it’s a better Fahrenheit Clone than Fahrenheit Cologne. lol. Also the newer ginger oud wood whatever Axe scents that came out in 2016 or 2015 are not that bad at all, they’ve got some longevity too.

Ishraque Noor says:

I found many Armaf,Axes in Shwapno,they also got testers for all of them.
you can try there.

Wasik Ishrak says:

great job man r u a Bangladeshi

auby 777 says:

whats 10/10 for u then?

Leon 120ml says:

You pronounced suave correctly 🙂 Thanks as always for videos

Martin Moore says:

Totally enjoyed every minute. M

Senura says:

Good review ! I have smelled something like an expensive scent today. So I’ve asked what is it.. he said suave by axe.!!! It smells like a branded scent .. And I’m in Sri Lanka, it’s summer here. But it smells good .!!

truth seeker says:

bought this today watching this review…now have to try other perfumes frm the signature line…axe,fogg these companies are trying to improve their game…realized it today

cholito1989 says:

I’ll be honest, because it was axe I was a little hesitant to watch this video. But just because every video you make is golden, I gave it a chance. Im surprised by this bottle. And for the money I’ll puck it up. I used axe back in high school, in fact that same chocolate bottle you compared this fragrance to. Never thought I’d be interested in a axe product now that im older.

TonyQuaz says:

Great review bro!

Irfaan Rahman says:

Awesome review bro

Georgi Georgiev says:

Hi, I’ve recently tried a cologne from STR8, don’t know if this brand is popular in Bangladesh, but in my country is everywhere in the drugstores, so it’s very cheap as well. The cologne name is Red Code, I’ll be glad if you can get hold of it and review it. I was pleasantly suprised of the smell. This is how it looks:

truth seeker says:

bro this is just awesome….the smell just makes me wow…pls suggest perfumes very similar to this.

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