BEAST-MODE SUMMER FRAGRANCE? | Aoud Lemon Mint | Fragrance Review

BEAST-MODE SUMMER FRAGRANCE? | Aoud Lemon Mint | Fragrance Review

Mancera is a fragrance house that makes a wide variety of powerful perfumes at a relatively fair price. Amongst all of their releases, there a few that more popular than others.

Aoud Lemon Mint is noted for it’s fresh quality, combined with it’s powerful performance. What are my thoughts on it, and more importantly, what are yours?

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Danillon Pujadas says:

Nice. Joy am in always talks about this

JohnSmith says:

Lets just say im glad i bought a 10ml decant

Frank Katsaros says:

No man’s shirt is “a bit too revealing” until one can see your nipples. #100PushUpsADayChallenge

pandora p says:

Sounds like a good one. Other Mancera freshies being talked about are Lemon Line and Kumkat Wood. How would you rate them incl Lemon Mint? Are they blind buy worthy? Thanks!

Unholy Dude says:

Hi James!I would really like to hear your thoughts on Guerlain Homme. It’s really underrated in my opinion. Lasts good amount of time but almost doesn’t projects after 2 hr mark. But the smell itself is so nice that you want to wear it more and more

ahmad sameer says:

Awesome traps 🙂

dkStitch says:

Got it today, it’s amazing!

Jesse B says:

My favorite, most recent acquisition. Looking at Sicily & Cedrat Boise next.

Bhavesh Sarvaiya says:

I luv this plz try mancer aoud blue notes it also may be u like

Beja says:


jhors says:

Thanks for posting James!, Very helpful video.

Fraser Kerr says:

Another goody

Indian citizen says:

Awesome I have this fragrance….U never mentioned it’s sweet n floral too

J Austin says:

I really like this one, though i think it could use a pinch more oud IMO. Any less oud and it would be a bit to feminine.

Alex Chu says:


Abdullah Mehtab Baig says:

good nice

Oscar Svensson says:

High intensity review. I like it.

Oud is not a woody note.

Just 2 cents about oud. The heartwood of the aquilaria tree is odourless. The smell that we call oud/aoud comes from the resin produced by the tree to protect against mould (phialophora) infection. Hence oud should be considered a resinous note (along with myrrh, incence etc) – not a woody note. And with that comes the performance, the polarizing opinions, the eastern vibes etc.

John Wen says:

Is this formal scent enough,or just totally casual

Does any one feel or compliment this compose is fresh sexy way

Tks j

waltherP99BG says:

I do like this one a lot and boy oh’ boy Boston smashed Cavs like bugs haha .SOTD Gucci Pour Homme II

Batphink Reynolds says:

If you shout ‘Owwwwoud” like a dog ,does the longevity improve? ROFL sounds like great juice

koottsta koopr says:

This shit is sexy as fuck. Milfs agree.

Anton Valentinov says:

James, how does this compare to Aoud Blue Notes? I do know Blue Notes, but haven’t yet tried Lemon Mint. To me Aoud Blue Notes has a bit of a dentist office kind of an oud actually.

Just Add Light says:

Aooooooooooud! Nice quick overview J. Live long and prosper.

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