Best Citrus Ever by Dua Fragrances – Fragrance Review

Best Citrus Fragrance Ever? Let’s find out!

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MaharaniCharming26 says:

Love this one. Got it for my hubby and it smells absolutely amazing

sorooshusa says:

unless they change the bottles and lower their prices, im not really impressed with Dua. i dont care if they make a million dollar fragrance available for 65. bottles are fucking sad and the price is too high for its own good.

demonwares says:

Dan, when are you doing more interviews with people outside the pubs? I loved those videos when you started this channel. You should do some more of those, they stood out from all other fragrance review channels.

Jim R says:

Very nice…this is what I like about DUA – get a very good quality interpretation of some way, way, way overpriced perfumes that I would never, ever, buy because some asshole says it’s worth $10 per ml ~OR~ some dum-dums discontinued (e.g., Creed Greey Valley).

Oh, did DUA ever make a Dolce & Gabbana By Man interpretation? If not, are they?

And what about Escada Magnetism?

dawilliamstn says:

Your intros are too crazy and I always have to make sure I’m not drinking anything when I see them so I don’t spray a mouthful on my screen. And as always really liked your review of this frag.

AftershaveDave says:

Classic Smelly

michael oles says:

It amazes me how the You Tube reviewers have taken sides on the Alexandria/Dua rivalry. You never see the same reviewer do both. At least i have’t seen it.

Sky1 says:

Do you play Mechwarrior?

Rigdun Labro says:

Haaa! And we wonder WHY?! Great Intro.

Guinea54 says:

Thanks for the review. 500 for 10ml? Lol.. what is it made with liquid diamonds?

ZoopyGoggins says:

Great one Dan. Just chiming in really as I don’t have anything much interesting or creative to say tonight.
I’m one sleep away from marriage so I’m trying to get some sleep but I had to watch your video of course.
Erm…..for a second time.

I'm Rich Bitch. says:

*_Comedy gold. You missed your calling brother!_*

TrikTrak _ says:

The bottle looks like the same bottle I received when buying my Aventus decant off eBay. How is the sprayer?

K.C. Angel says:

y’ should really consider changing yer name t’ Cheeky Mr Smelly …HAhehoo
I’m still a bit torn about the ethics of the whole clone house thing, but Dua does make some decent smelly stuff.

Shave- a-thon says:

Where’s the Smelly Army t-shirts? Any thought on giving a French ring to your name a la Jeremy Fray-gran-CHAY? How about Monsieur Smel-lay?

Jacob Bonilla says:


Rich Mitch says:

Have you boffed cologne royale by dior? Lovely *cologne*

Batphink Reynolds says:

Were you attacking a British base? I can’t do that even in game format(ex Pat here) lol. I love citrus frags so this has sparked my interest.I’m wondering if Rasasi do some citrus frags,cos I love their quality also. Good clip don’t stay up too late shooting people Mum may shout lol.

op says:

dans on acid!

TheHugoWay says:

#smellyarmy !!!

william jc says:

william first…let the games begin!

Kosto says:

when are you gonna make the best gourmand fragrances list?

Joseph Advincula says:

You do the weirdest shit lol but I love it

Ninety9Million says:

Way to expensive for a 30ml clone… Oops… I mean inspiration :/

Sainy Scents says:

Lex Ellis laughing in his chair with his irn-bru at this!!! Lol

Des420 says:

The only way I’d consider it at this price is if the base was Justin Bieber’s tears.

My Work Here Is Done says:

#smellyarmy #power #strength #someotherdramatichashtag

Roy Estringel says:

Hi Dan!! Great job! Wearing that today!!

tsanegrete says:

This is one that I would have to smell the original to decide if I like it enough for a purchase. Since the original is out of reach, I will be passing on this clone.

Jay Rich says:

I picked up “Best Citrus Ever” along with “Imperiale pasteque” and “F*ing Unbelievable” using the 25% discount. I don’t like the opening on BCE (maybe too much Neroli) but the dry down is nice. Imperiale pasteque would be great if I didn’t already have Sean Johns, Unforgettable. It might just be me but FU has a hint of new sex on the dry down. Not the 40 something woman who has seen the world but the prom date kind of smell (just a hint). it’s cream and slightly sweet.

tl3509 says:

It looks like a good release. How does it compare with Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford though.?

Chris Sanderfer says:

Great review Brother

Rajeev Mohan says:

Dua is very expensive clone house

Curtis Canady says:

I do like masham great guy! I also enjoy supernova. 1 thing i dont like about dua is the sprayers i think they are well below average. But if thats the worst thing about them so be it lol. Great review! i need to smell best citrus ever

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