Best CITRUS Fragrances I’ve Ever Smelled…That Actually Last!

It’s a pity that most citrus fragrances don’t last very long on skin. Here are my favourite citrus perfumes, that actually last quite well on me. One is a citrusy woods, the other two are citrusy floral fragrances. Enjoy!

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Johmathan .B. Swift says:

I’ve sampled a couple from Odin, but not the one, 02RE ?, your mentioning .
South Bay has such a realistic yellow grapefruit smell , but it doesn’t last. It becomes a sea scent afterwards.
Atelier’s Pomelo Paradis is nice .Sampled that one. It lasted, but as you said , many of their’s don’t though.
Annick’s eau d hardrein is nice , you need the EDP though. Going to sample 02RE . 4 lines . Made it.

David Peters says:

i really enjoyed watching this video, very informative, i have a considerable amount of fragrances but I don’t own a stand alone fruity fragrance, but I will definitely look into now, thank you for the inspiration

Roy says:

I really like Bergamotte 22 from le labo alot, but the longevity is kinda poor! Bergasmot soleil from Atelier cologne is also really good! But I can agree on that the longevity kinda sucks, however is it a perfect scent for a fresh start of the day 🙂

shuvanidev says:

Lovely video on citruses. I love TF Neroli Portofino as well but it has such poor longevity on me, as most citruses do on me anyway. One of my favorites – and unfortunately the one with the least longevity – is Guerlain Eau de Cedrat – so beautiful. I read that it was made to be fleeting as a top layer to other Guerlain’s as a means to moderate any harshness in the top notes before they dry down – and it’s magnificent with them! Another favorite of mine is Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien which I love to layer with AG Songes <3

Adriano Bello says:

Awesome ! My Fave realistic citrus as of now : Profumum Acqua Viva . Honerable mention : Guerlain Limon Verde

The Scentinel says:

Great topic Arlene and very timely for summer down here.

SuperCool says:

Great job beautiful, good morning to you ❤

A Scented Soul says:

Atelier’s Clementine California is one of the best from the house. Thankfully it lasts on me because I love it and Orange Sanguine so much

Adam Kovacs says:


Amy Leonhardt says:

Smell Bent’s Tokyo Mama Fizzzz is a great lemon-lime soda smell. It has a hint of ginger ale, to me, and an effervescent effect. Very casual but long lasting. I wear it a ton in summer.

Agnes Eva says:

🙂 🙂 🙂 Thumb up 🙂 I’d love to try the Osmanthus. I have the Osmanthus by L’Erbolario 🙂 Do you know that one?

dolligrl2000 says:

Hi! I don’t know if you have tried any of Hilde Soliani’s Fragrances (she truly is an olfactory artist) . I love just about all of her line, but Bambolina is my all time favorite. I have never smelled anything that is as cheerful and happy as this fragrance. THere is a huge burst of citrus and also cherry blossom and also some green and very bright. It makes me so happy when I wear it. If you have not, you might enjoy sampling some of hers.

Cynthia Ava says:

Have you tried Chanel’s Gabrielle yet? I’m curious about what you think.

Fafima El Koua says:

je hebt je haar geverfd en ze zitten leuk,

Guinea54 says:

great description.. u made me wanna have a grapefruit.. I need to try some of these. 🙁 ..I haven’t tried enough to know better.. but the ones ive liked have been ideal cologne, dior sport 2008 and ferrari bright neroli.

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