Best Deodorant to Wear with Fragrances?

I recently acquired a new deodorant by a company called Native, and in this video, I put it to the test! Thank you for watching!

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In the video, I mention that it’s 12 dollars for a 2 pack. It’s actually a one pack. Sorry!

Native Deodorant:

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Kevin Calhoun says:

You are the man, I’ve seen most of your videos and your extremely good at what u do! I like the direction u took on this video as well. Very informative!

ayoubelbidawi says:

Great video keep up the good work

Sean r says:

Hi. I’m going to try this product out and see how it goes. I just ordered the product.

Nancy Lopez says:

Sounds like this would work for women as well!!

Nick K says:

Try “Original Deodorant Cream by Soapwalla”, all natural, no aluminum, but highly effective.

Shahin Ghazizadeh says:


In my opinion, you are a good fragrance reviewer and I have learned a lot by watching your videos. However, recently, it seems that you are advertising stuffs which is not a bad thing, but I believe it hurts your Chanel. Youtubers should have honest opinion regarding products and should avoid advertising product.

majorkonfuzion says:

deodorant/antiperspirant rolled into one , that´s what i use

Mark Bingham says:

Castile soap + Native = WINNING!

equizikal says:

Hello Steven. Since you share much time with kids, what would be a good fragrance gift for my 10-yr niece & nephew twins?

shafi ahmed says:

not related to this video. have you tried Davidoff leather blend? what’s your thought about the fragrance? looking forward for your review.

svtang03 says:

+Redolessence Hi Steven. Great video topic, thank you! I actually use Crystal rock deodorant for all these reasons. It works great, and it’s natural without all the harmful ingredients. However it does contain a natural form of aluminium (which is why it works so well), but they claim it is not the harmful kind (aluminium chlorohydrate). It is recommended by the American cancer society . Have you used it before? I love it because it works, and it does not stain my shirts like many other antiperspirants.; and it also lasts forever! The only two downfalls are that it doesn’t prevent me from sweating with heavy exercise, and it still contains a form of natural aluminium. I would love to know what you think of it in comparison to this Native deodorant. Thanks!

Jay Dee says:

It’s all about the dry sprays. Started wearing them about 6 months ago & haven’t looked back.

George Tsarnas says:

Can I ask something? Do you believe in the theory that the fragrance that our nose likes the best it’s the one that when mixing with our natural skin scent produces the best result and gathers the most compliments? Or do you believe that are certain colognes that no matter how each persons skin smells, gather the best compliments?

raidernationcali says:

I dont recommend an anti persperent as a doctor once told me ur meant to sweat and its not good too clog ur sweat ducts.

Guinea54 says:

One thing you forgot to mention… or maybe I missed it, but the shipping time for this company is pretty bad. I ordered some as a gift for someone and it said that it won’t ship possibly up to 12 days.. Plus they are in california, so anyone on the East Coast ordering might not see their order come in until almost a month. That is something to definitely consider and something people should be aware of.

Jesse S. says:

I’ve been using the Native deodorant since your first video when you suggested it. I really enjoy it. I would also recommend anybody thinking about purchasing this product to do the same. Thanks, Redolessence!

millionaaar23 says:

Could you also make a video about lotions that work well before applying fragrance that won’t alter the scent

Angelo Sinders says:

Redo, 12 dollars for a 2 pack??? Its actually 12 for 1. And its antiperspirant? Im not sure if thats true. I still sweat and usually i don’t with antiperspirant (but they usually have aluminum) aside from that thanks for the information, I’ve been using native for a month because of you and i love it.

raidernationcali says:

You said it was a pack of 2? Better be or heads are gonna roll at Native

Justice J. Srisuk says:

I like the men’s deodorants by Jack Black®, and Baxter of California®. The one by Anthony Logistics® is alright but in my opinion the fragrance is too woodsy and overpowering to wear with any scent. It’s texture is also a little waxy.

So Ronery says:

I actually stopped buying deo and ended up making my own.

Haroon Latif says:

Potassium Alum crystal deodorant has been amazing for me. No scent. No residue. And the crystal lasts forever. And it’s naturally occurring.

Questioned Exclamation says:

I’m not sure if you’ve ever made a video of this from your entire collage, but I’d love a top 10 Sandalwood! 🙂 or is there any you could share here? 🙂 says:

Have you ever tried the deodorant called Primal Pit Paste?

Juan Rodriguez says:

I use Jungleman all natural deodorant.. Funny name but amazing!

Wannes van hees says:

someone ship this to Europe for me!

Thomas Soesbee says:

I ordered native deodorant recently and I’m just waiting for it to come in.

Tom Jennings says:

You should a few vlogs

Savy Voeung says:

nice review

rodrigo calderon says:

hey friend how safe is it to order fragances online in the summer heat?? will they go bad ?? should i wait till it gets a little coooler???

Kaleb says:

i had always debated about this topic ill for sure give it a try thanks for the suggestion, nice vid

Ataensic says:

Have you tried any fragrance related deodorants? Yesterday I was online and I saw Sauvage spray deodorant for half the price of the fragrance and I’m just wondering what the pluses and minuses between the two products would be. Thanks for the videos.

GluedTechDude says:

I personally like to stick with unscented when using fragrances (which is all the time now). Haven’t experimented with much yet, but the unscented Arm and Hammer stuff from the grocery store works perfectly for me. Protects from pit BO just as well, if not better, than the usual stuff I wore, lasts me well over a full day and work and even into the next morning. I just go with the deodorant (not antiperspirant) since I don’t seem to pit-sweat at all, although I do face-sweat like nobody’s business (its extremely annoying). Wish there was a antiperspirant I could rub on my face.

Anywho, aside from a light lemony scent on application, it is perfect to use with any frag and won’t interfere. Cause the scented deodorants definitely make a HUGE impact on the overall scent you are projecting (or at least smelling on yourself). It got a bit annoying trying to match a specific deodorant scent with what I was wearing each day, and I more often than not got a false impression of a new frag due to the scent of my deodorant. So going unscented was the best step for me. Never going back to scented now, especially since I have enough cologne to wear everyday until the end of time.

Brian Braseas says:

Any unscented deodorant i can buy at a retail?

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