Best Fresh Fragrance / Cologne Chosen by my Wife!

Here is the best fragrance / cologne chosen by my wife! I put her up to the challenge to sniff out 5 five fragrances / colognes and I have her chose her favorite / best one in a blind test! Thank you for watching!

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brenvillasana says:

Haha this was great

MOBEEN© says:

I hate forced overdone scents, apparently I’m not the only

xIVIx says:

Ahaha this was so funny, I bet this would be a nice memory for you guys

Fabrizio Bolzoni says:

Ahahahaha, you two together crack me up! “It’s the same color!” “… ohh God…” Ahahahahahahaha

sorooshusa says:

sorry bro, your wife talks too much. if im here, i want the knowledge. I am not here to be entertained for 20 minutes. just an honest opinion.

Michael Cano says:

You guys could be siblings . Y’all look alike

Lin Smith says:

your so funny. Windex

Xnocturnus says:

Very entertaining, thank you 🙂

Ryan Ngo says:

Hahaha this is funny. LOVED the Windex. I actually watched a lot of your videos, and this is one of my favorite videos from you. Simplistic and funny.

Michael Ray says:

I guess it maybe because I enjoyed your vid with your wife rating your top Creed fragrances , but I like the vids with her giving her opinion . I know this is 2 years old now .

Jay Rev says:

Should of used secretions manifique instead of Windex lol

Pavel K says:

Why only 5? You have big collection. Test 20 fresh frags.

Amandeep singh says:

You are best reviewer in this entire world…

Aaron Davis says:

Your wife is sassy! I like her.

Michael Ray says:

Hahaha Glass Cleaner ! I like the wife challenge vids .

sudhakaran chettiar says:

Your wife was constantly checking the bottles on the table to figure out which ones you were making her smell hehe.

ObamaBinLaden says:

how did you not get Allure Homme sport, or ADG in the mix?

amine chihab says:


Clark Superman Krypton says:

Should have gotten infusion d’homme on the skin, on paper I agree with her it’s not the nicest smell but I’ve gotten so many compliments from it.


chrome is cinnamon its not aquatic now nautica or bulgari aqua is aquatic

Supranforever says:

I like your video’s but she is a bit to sassy for me lol, she acts like she doesn’t like that your into fragrances, she probably likes some of them on you when you wear them, but she seems like a snob about it lol. No offense, I understand, but dang!

Ron Thunders says:

I always see people LOVING chrome

Dinta Aluna says:

Nautica voyage or bvlgari aqva marine?

G Hall says:

I’m looking for the holy grail of fresh fabric softener scent with a hint of manliness for every day. So far nothing beats Nautica voyage N-83. Its the perfect everyday fresh yet manly work scent. But it’s still not the one I’m looking for. I bet sauvage is the one. I don’t know. Im gonna try Mont Blanc Individuel also.

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