Citrus and Wood by Yardley | Fragrance Review

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Junkers says:

I’m by no means an avid connoisseur when it comes to Eau de toilettes but I stumbled across this whilst I was at a pharmacy. It really stood out compared to the other more generic/alcoholic scents within the same price range. Was curious to know what someone else thought. Thanks

Alex newton and Weird guy says:

Cody, wasn’t this one on the regrettable purchased list?

patpat270 says:

Hi Cody! I just wanted to add to the long list of requests you get to review fragrances. Have you ever tried or heard of Honey Oud or Santal from the house of Floris London? Would love to get your opinion on it. Of course when you get the chance

Junior Collantes says:

oh man! where i live is so hard to buy this fragances, mostly all the shops have the common fragances.

disasterplan120410 says:

What’s a reputable site that you use to purchase fragrances online?

Abhi K. says:

Hell yea. First comment, but what a trip man. I was LITERALLY looking at this fragrance on fragrantica last night and was like hmm I wonder if anyone has done a review on this, swear to god. And I wake up and you have made a review on it. Good review, I’ll probably pick up a bottle of this now.

Junius Carter says:

Keep the reviews going. I will be looking for this one.

Guinea54 says:

Sounds good man. Thanks for the review. I agree with your opinions most of the time, and enjoy your taste. But I have to always factor in that if you say that you get five hours, I might get 1 hour lol. Fragrances seem to love your skin and hate mine

Marcus Williams says:

you should try arrogant by English Laundry and notting hill by English Laundry

Matt Sinno79 says:

Thanks for the review Cody. I agree that this one smells practically identical to TDH, however the performance was shockingly bad on my skin (about 30 mins). Great cheepy if it works on your skin. Keep up the good work, cheers.

Myles Harold says:

Hey Doc love the video please keep them coming. I learn something new every day.

hey on a side note cremieux came out with a cologne Cremieux and its a Dillards exclusive. Nobody talks about this cologne. I would like too hear your thoughts on it.

Ezra Jibunoh says:


Garth Drake says:

Could you possibly review Azure Lime from Tom Fords private blend. I can’t find it anywhere so I can sample it myself.

Todd Smith says:

Love the review. Have you ever smelled cedarwood essential oil? To me, this is the heart of this and Terre De Hermes.

Marcus Williams says:

you should try arrogant by English Laundry and notting hill by English Laundry

John Solitude says:

Hello Cody and greetings from Belgium. I’ve been watching a lot of your video’s, you seam very experienced in analyzing scents, so that’s why I address you or your viewers with this question. I’ve been in Vegas twice and each time I stayed at the Flamingo on the strip. The first time I went there I immediately noticed the flagrance which seams to be present no matter where you are on the down floor. I simply fell in love with the flagrance in the Flamingo, so much I even made some inquiries what the flagrance was. First I thought it was a flagrance in the floor cleaning products, but it is definitely something they vaporize in the air. It could not be bought in the giftshop, nor was anyone of the staff willing to tell me what it was. Do you or any of your viewers have an idea which flagrance I should buy (for a male) which is as close to the scent in the Flamingo Hotel as possible. I think it has some coconut, may’be vanilla in it, but I would go back to the Flamingo not because I think it’s a great hotel but simply for the stuff they vaporize in the air there.

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