My dear friend Herlinda blind tests five different Fragrances.


Sohaibb Mubassam says:

Chnl:no5 hahahah

shtupman says:

I’m so jealous! what a lovely trip you two are having and what a jewel of a friend you have in Herlinda! I adore her commentary! As long as you are in Vancouver, you should pop into The Bay and grab a bottle of Guerlain l’homme Ideal EDP. It isn’t available in the states, and I really think you would like it. While you are at it, get one for me. that’s a good man! lol

Scented Male says:

Nice video. Very detailed. Great level of professionalism 🙂

Tal says:

great video! i really liked Herlinda’s impressions, very interesting

Jon Komatsu says:

Herlinda approved: Chanel Eau de Cologne! I am snagging a decant tonight!

Great impressions, and Herlinda’s vivid descriptions are great. Please, more from her. Thanks!

Kevin Mccoy says:

No citrus sampler is complete without vintage Monsieur Balmain…. my favorite citrus scent. Good vid as always!

StealthAudrey says:

What a delightful video. I really enjoyed hearing both Herlinda’s first impressions and your decriptions of these scents. I need to try the Chance perfume, I always walk past that one.

Jim R says:

Brilliant collaboration; really enjoyed your and Herlinda discussion these citrus scents. 🙂

Isaac Ezekiel Muhammad says:

I am curious to your thoughts on Krigler’s colognes. I wore America One 31 today for President’s Day. Reported to have been used by JFK, Ernest Hemmingway and others.

Scent Land says:

Goood idea!!! Loved it!!!

Herlindros says:

I love it Payton!!! Next time we’re going to have to do a Pine collection when I come up and visit. Thank you everyone for such lovely comments. Outstanding!!!

Catherine Fraser says:

Herlinda is very charming and fun. You are having too much fun together❤

gunmetal24 says:

She’s adorable 🙂

Carl Thompson says:

Love this video…such professionals.

lj6583 says:

Fun, great video! Thanks Lanier & Herlinda!

MrSmelly1977 says:

Really enjoyed watching this. Thanks to you both.

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

This was such fun!

MrMatt C says:

really great fun video !

Christy J says:

I love citrus fragrances too, it’s my favorite too…my husband likes florals…I loved this video Lanier…love Herlinda. We think alike. I always thought Chanel No 5 smells like the pink baby bottle, lol!!! I was just telling pursediva that I have not found a Chanel scent that I loved…I will have to test the Chanel Eau de Cologne. I like the Chance scent too…but have been on the fence with purchasing a full bottle. Any other citrusy-floral recommendations? Coco coco coco my friend!!!

Sri Moonshine says:

She’s a doll!

Catherine C says:

Yay Herlinda! She’s gorgeous and so much fun to watch! Loved her descriptions of the fragrances! You two make a fun duo, can’t wait for the next upload. Does Herlinda have her own channel?

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

_What a very lovely guest Lanier_
_Hello and welcome Herlinda_
It’s almost citrus season,
yeah .

XD, your both whispering to the camera ,
funny. LMAO

Mayank Parekh says:

Oh god Lanier, Herlinda is amazingly charming and hot lady. Yes u r lucky, shes damn hot. I love all your reviews. Keep it up.

JmeJ83 says:

Where did you find her?
She’s great! ☺

Dowserdude says:

She is an absolute darling,!!

miggs80 says:

Have you tried Phlur Olmsted & Vaux ? It is my favorite citrus fragrance on the planet. I would love for you to do a first impression video on it. It will blow you away. I’ve never smelled anything like it. I haven’t met one person that didn’t immediately love it when I let them smell it.

Adam Baskin says:

She’s so lovely!

Sohaibb Mubassam says:


Doris P says:

I just love your perfume reviews Lanier. Even though this is my first comment I have been watching lots of your perfume reviews and love them. I love fragrances so I’m always looking forward to your great reviews. This video was fun to watch as usual.

1928flash says:

Greast reviews as always. Liked the trailers….funny!!

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