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CLEAN Shower Fresh Eau de Parfum –
CLEAN Warm Cotton for Women –
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Cozy up to CLEAN Warm Cotton Eau de Parfum, a fragrance that captures the comforting scent of just-out-of-the-dryer freshness. Blending the crispness of freshly laundered linens into an understated fragrance that is soft and subtly sexy, CLEAN Warm Cotton is perfect for the modern woman who is confident enough to let herself—not her fragrance—command attention.

Clean Warm Cotton Notes:
Citrus, Watery Green Pear, Verbena, Floral Essences, Fruit Essences, Marine Essences, Jasmine, Orange Flower, Musk, Fougere, Amber.

Clean Warm Cotton Style Via Sephora:
Soft. Crisp. Subtly sexy.

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seansimmons73 says:

Notino. I like to use scented body oil moisturizers when I go to the gym. Cheap & they don’t last along time but your’re  going to sweat it all off in 30 minutes anyway so who cares

Pedro Hernandez says:

Beautiful Tiff, I always buy from and

Frederick Kittrell says:

Awesome as always!! …,my SOTD,on Great American Eclipse day was Creed Millesime Imperial!!

Alejandro Cuellar says:

My girl just got this the other day for dirt cheap. It smells pretty nice considering she paid less than $20 for it.

A p says:

fragrancenet had it for $23

Jai Smith says:

Thank you

Silvia L says:

The eclipse won’t disturb your eyes if you do look at it…..its more of a spiritual/life transformational thing that the ancients would be wary of

kijang777 says:

Love your video. What would you recommend for top 3 scent from Clean company. My preferred scent is Johnson baby bath. (soap free blue bottle) very specified :p Hope you can recommend some affordable fragrance for me. Thanks. Love from Malaysia

TheInfamil says:

Looking cute in your Nike hoodie.

TiMalice2009 says:

Do more niche reviews, please!

Eric Fisher says:

Wow an up to date clip from a real person, interesting content too 🙂 Kind of been through this cycle myself. What do you think about “Scent Sampler” ( I don’t work for them !), I’ve got a bit of stuff from them in the past and its been fun.

LaMesha Hale says:

I’ve never purchased from Amazon, but I do love my Prime! I usually order from the store or Ebay but I’m VERY picky from Ebay.

lee w says:

My scent of the day is armani profumo

sweetaggiegal says:

I also use Warm Cotton for the gym!! That’s so funny, I thought I was being original. lol

Gittenatyou Forreal says:

Walmart is where I shop they have everything and good prices I have clean warm cotton… shower fresh and air…. I love Air the most…

ASX2 says:

i usually stick to notino for online orders. though much like yourself i care very little where i buy from so long as its legit. now if its something i dont want to wait for i go retail. like prada lhomme was the same retail and online. plus i didnt want to wait cause no just no

AfricanOrchid says: and 2 day free shipping with $25.00 purchase using Shoprunner. 😀



Kamila Marčeková says:

Nice review, thanks, I would check this out!

Tameka Bailey says:

Fragrancenet and ebay

Big Cee says:

How do the shower clean for men smell let me know

M J says:

hey tiff is this warm cotton unisex??

Andre Pierce says:

Tiff love this vids are you potentially gonna do a collaboration with Jeremy Fragrance?

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