D S & Durga New Fragrances REVIEW with Krista and Carla at Twisted Lily + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

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Casey Plunkett says:

Any idea as to which sources are most trustworthy for westcoast customers to purchase D.S & Durga fragrances?
I am always concerned over counterfeit products.

Justin Hopkins says:

Bowmakers is everything?

badpuddytat says:

Radio Bombay sounds like just my kind of fragrance. Would love to try this line. I’m in Jawjuh.

Richard Solomon says:

Great video Carlos . ❤️ my girls Krista and Carla .

Have Some Scents says:

always awesome videos and guests! have yet to try the Rose Atlantic

Craig Karoses says:

Thank you so much for the giveaway. Debaser is an absolute must try. I’ve never tried anything from this house. I would absolutely love to explore it. I’m in Idaho, USA.

FMC says:

DS & Durga is a good brand and the best thing is that they are based in Brooklyn

Diego Feliper says:

Great video guys.

Stanleydragonjr says:

these sound so interesting. I think I need to try Debaser too
I need to go to this store too….
thank you for always showing us new fragrances

djmontyforyou says:

I love the rainbow hair.

Roachie VKT says:

Now you have me intrigued about Debaser.

Miss C says:

Great review ladies 🙂 We have DS & Durga in Europe (Netherlands). I have been informed they were to renew several packagings…. Really interested to check these out. I have seen Debaser before but it never caught my eye, will check them out soon again! (Have Italian Citrus on the shelf). Have a great weekend!

Michael Okafor says:

very great video need to do more of these with the two young ladies also I love Mississippi Madison fragrance


Great video, would you say these fragances are oily? you should let them sing your entrance song, it sounded cool at the last part.

Have Some Scents says:

Radio Bombay I’d say is Great for warm weather, WPL is one of my absolute favorites…it’s like a field of white flowers with a beautiful touch of cleanliness, with a slight edible feeling, to me

Doug Citizen says:

Oh how much would I love to be in that area to visit the store. Gorgeous ladies! I’m interested in participating. Please consider me. I’m in the US.

Le-el Sinai says:

My old stomping grounds in BK. Can’t wait to be back soon.

CC33777 says:

Great review. Krista and Carla are awesome. I always wanted to try something from this house D.S. and Durga

Amy Leonhardt says:

I appreciate your description of your impressions. Thx

G. R. says:

Great to see something new that I have yet to try

Fernando Garcia says:

The Debaser sounds like an incredible scent. That was a very good review at Twisted Lily, Carlos. Florida here.

RyzFragz34 says:

Great video as always Carlos!!

totalxindecision says:

I loooooove Debaser and Coriander. All three of the new ones sound worth exploring; they have been on my to-try list since they came out. Thanks for the impromptu giveaway! I’m in NV.

Niraj Patel says:

Awesome video. Wish we had a shop like that in DC area. Love to samole this house. Maryland.

Robert Herrmann says:

Another great video Carlos. Thank you! ( I swear I’ll go to my grave singing that jingle!) i’ve had my eye on these scents, they sound amazing. I too love a good white floral! Thanks!

ptashman says:

I’m very interested to try debaser. I love fig scents! I live in the US

molly44 says:

Krista helped me last weekend at Twisted Lily and she remembered my name despite the last time I was there was back in June and I didn’t even buy anything. We did have a nice chat back then and she helped me pick some samples. I was floored that she remembered me and I bought a bottle of Imaginary Authors Yesterday Haze. Amazing customer service!

Ryan Bata says:

you are so lucky to have stores like this, I must drive hours to have a decent selection to sniff.

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

Wonderful video. I am jealous of you Carlos!……..LOL. I would love to smell the perfume on the skin of Carla. Thanks for the generosity of Carlos, Twistedlily and these lovely girls.
Count me in please.

Jerry Hall says:

You guys make a great team together, we want more!

Great review as usual. I would like to sample these scents, I hope I win! United States.

Patrick Echevarria says:

The Debaser caught my attention.Now you got me curious on that.Anyways,nice review with the pretty young ladies.Have only tried one frag from this house,Italian Citrus…..a weird but pleasant summer perfect scent. Would love to explore more this house and hopefully get to try those samples.

Best Brands Perfume says:

Love those girls, are they the owners of the shop? Just got my hands on a Radio Bombay, very clean with the coconut background. Lovve

matthew fiorella says:

Great video my friend, the ladies bring out the best of u it seems like. The Twisted Lilly ladies are good at what they do.

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