Ermenegildo Zegna Acqua di Bergamotto / DELICIOUS CITRUS



David A. Quiroa says:

I got this today in the mail, I did not blind buy it. It is superb and classy.

short perfume review says:

Wear it a lot, love the scent n good longevity on me

Jeremy Fragrance says:


AGentlemansJourney says:

I am glad I came across this one by chance. The luxury line from this house is certainly underrated.

FragBoy Stewie says:

So true! This is an awesome fragrance…abs at $50, it’s a body steal!

Rob Whiff says:

very nice fragrance this is my brothers go to for the summer ..great take my men..

Eric Dunthorne says:

Is this better than Bright Neroli?

MattyS54 says:

sicilian mandarin is way better, wasn’t feeling this one.

Albert Kelly says:

spot on Chadski, this one is just superb. one of the greatest citrus scents of all time. sadly performance is very weak but the scent is just so good it makes me provide forgiveness

Rich Mitch says:

I’ve got Mediterranean Neroli and it’s incredible. Unheralded house, some beautiful scents

deatisnear says:

Here in Mexico I bought it for 40 dollars 🙂 new and original

Jim S says:

save your money folks.  Ive had a chance to use this, and honestly, spend a few bux on 4711 and you got the same vibe for a lot less money.  Performance is dreadful, forget the sillage cloud or projection……………..the juice on my skin is almost non existent a very short time afterwards.  Just another very fresh clean scent with the smell of neroli and a bit of citrus for summer, that disappears quickly.  Not worth the $$$$ in my opinion…………….my bottle is for sale

john savvas says:

I knew you would love this one !!!enjoy.

robes08 says:

Thanks Chad for your take on this one, truly appreciate your videos and the time to take to shoot them.

Maurice Sas says:

I love Acqua di Bergamotto. It’s simplistic but it’s so well blended and the quality of the ingredients is very high. Absolutely one of the best summer fragrances on the market. Zegna is a very underrated house.I’m more impressed by their exclusive line than by exclusive lines from brands like Chanel,Armani,Dolce & Gabbana etc

Kaliber bhj says:

You’ve tried acqua viva? xerjoff? are they close? i actually just got bright neroli and worn it two times, dang people seem to like it around me. not sure it’s consider niche but easily the most priceworthy I’ve ever tried

Chris says:

Chad did you see the latest Delray Misfits channel. Hilarious!!

The Scentral Point says:

This falls between the luxury line and the designer line.The more expensive one is Italian Bergamot

enoc guadalupe says:

Beautiful scent but longevity was horrible on me.

Joy Amin says:

just based on your review…ill get this someday…and its gonna be a blind buy…i trust your nose bro

Exotic Scents says:

Awesome video. Btw it’s air-meno-jildo…..:-)… Really keen on trying this one Chad. Thanks for the great review

Guinea54 says:

Sounds great

Jason Chong says:

Cheers @AGentlemansJourney! I also found this one in a Marshalls in Toronto and it was on clearance for $26! Definitely was so happy to pick up a bottle of this for the collection at such a great price.

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