Frag Chat: Citrus (for Summer)

I take a look at citrus-based scents in a new series on my channel. Be sure to let us know what you think of citrus scents and what some of your favourites and “must tries” are. Enjoy!


Adriano Bello says:

Awesome vid. Love the camera angle with the bottles perfectly lined up.. great eye !

Jim S says:

dig your reviews, however why are you off camera?  really prefer seeing the face behind the reviews.

Lucas Taylor says:

I agree with your point about ultra expensive citrus fragrances.  Nio is a good example.  It’s a good fragrance, but I’d rather spend my money on something more interesting.  Eventually you reach the point of diminishing returns with notes like bergamont and neroli to me.

RaciocinioPlease says:

How could you forget ninfeo mio?….great video btw

dspada67 says:

Nice idea mate. Yeah, for me costly citrus not worth it. I have the same view on White wine lol.

Vita Brevis says:

Solo from Loewe is great. But this scent has more an orange/mandarin note.

Dawood Shaik says:

What is your opinion on Bleu de chanel?

blancindividuel says:

Which Prada was that?  I don’t think you said which one it is.  The bottle looks like Infusion d’Homme, but that doesn’t seem like a major citrus scent to me.

Muhamed Yusif says:

Gr8 video Kristo .Thank You

Greggieboy76 says:

Awesome as always


Great vid kristo. ☺☺

pete james says:

Greetings from Down Under Kristo!
Really enjoy your reviews and have bought a few frags on your recommendation..including one of my new faves..narcisco rodriguez for him.
One of my fave citrus-based scents is Eau Captivante L`Occitane en Provence for men and I gotta say..great quality vid there mate!

manny44 says:

Your bottles look stunning in 1080.

John Smith says:

Hey Kristo, off the wall question for you. How do you keep your scent dresser or shelf so spotless with all your bottles? Do you individually pull all the bottles off and dust them and the shelf, or do u clean around it all?

guyan29 says:

quality vlog as usual !!

Nancy Cayton Myers says:

Great video! Really enjoy hearing about these selections and getting some new ideas. I like Guerlain AA Pamplelune for a grapefruit/black currant with a hint of the Guerlainade dry down. If you ever split APOM pour Femme, I’d be interested. I have a decant that’s almost gone and I really like the uplifting effect of that one.

Mike Yuan says:

Nice idea Kristo, and awesome camera but i prefer the way you used to present upstairs, with your cat lol. Anyway, talking about citrus, do you think lalique white falls in this category? I remember it’s one of your summer favorites and I haven’t had chance try it. 

jeffrey18930576 says:

Great video, Thanks !

wagsbass says:

I am a huge citrus fan. I would pay good money for a good citrus frag. Acqua Viva from Profumum Roma is a literal interpretation and longevity is monstrous, i love it. Some of my fav citrus frags are Acqua Viva, Dior Homme Sport(vintage), Nio by Xerjoff

saeidhakimi says:

I was thinking to blind buy APOM FEMME for my wife. I had Acqua universalise and thought smell nicer on my wife so I gave it to her. My question is, you and your wife like APOM FEM better or Acqua universalise?

ScentNomad says:

I still love Infusion d’Homme for what it is (I consider Infusion de Vétiver much citrussier, though), being simple is what it’s about. 🙂 I wear Aqua Fahrenheit a lot, it feels so high end and yet it’s easy to wear.

A spectacular citrussy scent you might want to try is Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal, it’s extremely natural in an edgy way. It becomes a warm and figgy scent after the opening, but the citrussy aspects remain quite dominant until the base. Lasts very long, too.

L8bro says:

How could anyone thumbs down this?

Henry Pacheco says:

those missing caps bother me!!!

Adis h says:

whats you’re opinion of 1861 Kristo? 🙂

jud the stud says:

I wish Clinique Happy didn’t fade within an hour because that is a great citrus scent to me.  But a great alternative I found is the original boss in motion in the grey, round bottle-nice fizzy orange.  An old school lemony one I am going to rock this summer will be Versace l’homme.

Fragrance Bros. says:

love the video, Kristo! This is one of those videos that makes me want a new collection video. lol I agree with you on citrus scents. Most really are boring, and niche citrus really is ridiculous since you can get a similar citrus at a designer or even cheapy price.

Pr0v0kat0r777 says:

Did something happened 2 u? that u dont show ur face? or u are doing it in purpose? Anyway i always will like ur reviews… Btw do u have in mind of reviewing arabian fragrances like al rehab or nabeel?

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