Homemade Natural Perfume Recipe

Making your own perfume is such an awesome thing to do – its personalised, more affordable and avoids nasty chemicals. I really love the smell of the natural perfume that i’m sharing in this video, and it’s so simple to make! I am obviously not a professional perfume maker – this just covers the basics of making your own perfume, and it works well for me 🙂

My Homemade Perfume;
– 30ml pure vodka -need about ~90drops essential oils to make 15%
– 2/3 tsp homemade vanilla extract = 55drops
– 12 drops frankincense http://www.iherb.com/aura-cacia-100-pure-essential-oil-frankincense-meditative-5-fl-oz-15-ml/6299?rcode=gow915
– 4 drops vetiver
– 12 drops lavender http://www.iherb.com/now-foods-essential-oils-lavender-1-fl-oz-30-ml/37823?rcode=gow915
– 6 drops tangerine

Things to note;
– Use dark /not transparent bottle to keep perfume from going rancid over time or store in place that isn’t exposed to sunlight
– Make sure your lid is firmly attached to prevent oxidation
– The purer the alcohol for the base the better
– Test a little of essential oils on skin first to ensure no reaction.
– Mix in glass avoid metal or plastic.
– Add base oils then mid notes then high notes
– Bottle and leave for a few weeks to blend together before using

For perfume use; 15% essential oil. 1ml =about 20drops. So for 10ml base alcohol/oil = 1.5ml and 1.5×20 = 30 drops essential oil

Fragrance notes chart http://www.essentialoils.co.za/fragra…

Some nice perfume recipes;
– 10 drops lavender
– 12 drops bergamot
– 6 drops neroli
– 2 drops jasmine
– 7 drops rose
– 20 ml alcohol/vodka
– 10 drops orange essential oil
– 20 drops lemon
– 10 drops tangerine
– 15 drops frankincense
– 10 drops neroli
– 20 ml alcohol

I hope you enjoyed this video ♡
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ivy 22 says:

this would stain your clothes and skin not worth it

Chandra Maulana says:

Hi ela, would Cedarwood and Vetyver be great if i mix it as the basenotes?

Çisil Beste Nar says:

How long it lasts????

lj Brown says:

yayyyy now i can make parfume

Rhapsody BLEU says:


Akash N says:

Super Superb!! Super Superb!! Super Superb!!
Thanks for sharing!

Amanda W says:

what would be a good pair for raspberry and pink grapefruit oils?

s.a.i says:

She seems soo fake, trust me im always right about these things

coccoonz says:


marcela istrati says:

You don’t use any water?

Amara J says:

Even her voice sounds natural. I know that doesn’t make sense but there’s something so natural about the way it sounds
I swear I could listen to this woman all day xD

Avalon+ says:

Ela’s math is total FAIL when she gave those calculations on the base-essential oil percentages!
To make a 15% 30ml perfume, you’ll need 4.5ml of essential oils and 25.5ml of base! 30ml of base + 4.5ml makes a 13.043% perfume as the total perfume volume will be 34.5ml instead of 30ml!

Scent Snob says:

It looks like you completely doused your shirt in it.


Stitch frankenstein says:

can you use rubbing alcohol?

Missy Cheesehead says:

Anybody know a blend that’s similar to the scent of the (70’s) original herbal essence shampoo?

Deya Yulya says:


Lorena Kadar says:

What do you mean by ‘across the different notes’? do you mean that there should be one essential oil from each note? Also, is it true that one should only combine three essential oil at one time? – Thank you 🙂

DAndrei17 says:

my essential oil says. “CAUTION: avoid contact with skin.”

can ayone tell me if yours states the same. im scared to use mine

faye ahmed says:

First video I watched and I pressed subscribe straight away! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ellen S says:

I really like your accent! Where are you from? Love your channel and DIY’s!

HelloDolly .Pullip says:

i’m totally making myself a cedarwood perfume, been looking for a commercial one forever and couldn’t find one :/ so thank you :3 now I can smell like a forest of pine trees lol

Tigress Hp says:

please make awesome hair mist…

Anna Dougherty says:

Just curious, what is the purpose/benefit of using alcohol as a base? Can you not just put a small amount of essential oil on your skin? And doesn’t the vodka make you smell like alcohol?

VampireBrat Queen says:

its raining right now where I’m at

Unknown Vampire says:

Does this really work? Some people say it doesn’t really last long :/

Persian Princess says:

why not rubbing alcohol?


Great oil and nice notes for your own perfume given me so morn ideas

Jennifer Wicker says:

# 🙁

Patrizia Maio says:

I love this vidéo Thank you so much. I can waith to make some for me and my Kids. All youre vidéo are stuning and verry instructif.

Luvly says:


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