Inexpensive Fragrance – Yardley Citrus Wood vs Terre d’Hermes (Fragrance Review)

Fragrance Review of Yardley Citrus Wood with Terre d’Hermes comparison.

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Mike Lykan says:

Milton Lloyd does a great Terre D’Hermes for under £10 it’s callèd Kudos for men 50ml.

OGAesthetics says:

Hey Mr smelly! i take ur recommendations very higly into consideration, apoloigize for the english.

have you smelled:
Parfums de Marly – Godolphin
Alterier Cologne
Les exclusifs de Chanel

if so whats ur opinion on them? love the videos as allways!!! 🙂 shoutout from OG

Chris Hunt says:

Ha haaa Good work!

MaverickIQ says:

Mr Smelly can you compare this with Zara Norrland? That’s a cheapy too.

Speed-King Hawking. says:

Was that a piece of cobweb at 6m. 7s.?

Arden Powers says:

Thanks for the comparison review!
Sounds like a hidden gem . . . I will have to pick this one up! This sounds like a very inexpensive versatile purchase .
Thanks for sharing . . . cheers ! ( love the color of that Tie ! )

Maldwyn Roberts says:

Good review.

Wearing Terre is one of the few times I got an unsolicited complement, I like the lighter summer flanker too – bottle design is cool with the twist cap and embossed H bottom.

Ill keep an eye open for the Yardley.

Matt Melody says:

How strong does acumen come through? It’s something I’ve always disliked about hermes

Sjaak De Vries says:

If you need to spray twice as much the “cheapie” doubles in price.

Bernie777 says:

Great review. I love finding inexpensive fragrances. I still apreciate originals and all of that, but in the end it’s what you like. Cheapies are great for every day. Thank you sir. P.S. I carry an atomizer with me due to my skin detroying longevity…

1987198719871 says:

Yeah this may well be a great clone of dhermes but its longevity is a like water… way to weak.

sdrawkcabvag says:

Is the Yardley version a little more youthful?

JoeSCENTMe says:

I never heard of Yardly but gosh what a great deal.

parnag says:

I pick up massive pepper in opening of Citrus & Wood. There’s a hint of orange (rind not the peel) too. Later, it becomes woody & slightly creamy. Wish it performed better. And, I haven’t smelled Terre de Hermes yet.

ranjit s says:

I have oriflame’s Citrus Tonic, cost around $15 but you will always get compliment whenever you are wearing it.

Anton Constantinou says:

Great video! Inspired comparison! don’t suppose you could possibly recommend any good shops in London for purchasing vintage fragrances? In previous videos you’ve mentioned pharmacies, but I was wondering if there is anywhere more specific I can visit? Thanks!

James says:

Thanks for the review!

Guinea54 says:

Great review, I used to hate tdh.. but then i tried the edp version again and liked it.. Is this closer to the edt or edp? I think i found the edt a little too earthy or something too sharp.

sebseb seb says:

could you compare Terre d’Hermes with Aqva Amara?

demonwares says:

I’ve read that Terre d’Hermes EDT has been reformulated a long time ago. It being such an old fragrance, I don’t doubt that. The old version lasted 10+ hours according to people. In any case, I don’t like the EDT as much as I like the EDP. Still, the Eau Tres Fraiche is the best by far in my opinion. Have you tried the Eau Tres Fraiche?

Philip Coulthard says:

Picked this up last week! Great fragrance at a great price. Ok it lasts about 5 hours tops on my skin but for £15 you can`t grumble.

Scott Geoffrey says:

Terre D’ Hermes is in my top 5 of all time fragrances list.

Chinensis .Official says:

6:08 even the ghost liked your fragrance mate 😉

Michael Hewitt says:

You should grab hold of zara’s fragrance called Norland.its basically a 98% clone, in fact I think the zara fragrance lasts longer, and projects better, IMHO.

Fuzzy Slippers says:

Nice review. You can get TDH for $30-40 from the fragrance groups. Better off spending the extra $10 to get the better fragrance.

What's The Scents In That says:

Check out Avon destination gran canyon!!! It’s a good copy of tdh and very cheap…. Good video mate

Rich Taylor says:

I bought YCW after seeing one of your previous videos, it is pretty much indistinguishable from TDH but becomes a skin scent after about an hour. Decent cheapie!

Neal Francis says:

Hermes Eau fraiche is my favourite

silverss onyoutube says:

I can get the real one at the local chemist warehouse 15 minutes drive . The other one would actually be harder for me to get lol

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