John Varvatos Artisan Pure Fragrance Review || +Giveaway

John Varvatos Artisan Pure is a crisp,woody,Citrus scent inspired by the hills of Xalapa.

Top notes: Lemon,Bergamote,mandarin,Clementine,thyme,marjoram
Middle notes: Petigrain,ginger
Base notes:woods,Orris Root,amber,musk

Today I will give you my personal take on artisan pure and describe my experience with it… is it a new summer favorite? We shall see..So hopefully you guys enjoy..

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PokerBEAST64 says:

Bless us on where did you cop for $35 bucks????

Kris Yang says:

Dior Sauvage and Prada Amber Pour Homme!!

Max Testi says:

Ordered a 2ml sample. I’m rocking Byredo Bal d’Afrique, atm.

Tyrone E says:

What’s up Henry? Quick question;

Is this similar to Versace Man Eau Fraiche in smell? I like that fragrance for the summer but I hear this one performs better.

Gilbert Garcia says:


Davis Lyons says:

Great video – so true, loving your take and honest opinion in your reviews, Henry. Loving your channel! Cheers, Davis.

panchotheaddict420 says:

I will be rocking invictus aqua 2016…mmmmm

Big 13 says:

I’ll be rockin mostly fresh florals this summer so tryin this would switch it up a little

rob chavez says:

TM Ultra zest

Jeremy Quinn says:

I’m going to be wearing a lot of Versace Man Eau Fraiche and Invictus Aqua 2018. I’d love to try Artisan Pure.

Marcel Green says:

Another great review Henry ill be rocking YSL L’Homme and Acqua di Gio this summer!!

Wongoloide Wong says:

What are your thoughts on xerjoff nio ??

Kingdom Athlete says:

Great review, English Laundry Cambridge Knights since it gives off that Invictus Aqua vibe✌

Ramaar Baird says:

Love the review on this one. Sampled it at the store. LOVE IT! Says summer all over it.

Abdullah Mehtab Baig says:

good nice decent review

Brandon C says:

I love John Varvatos, have yet to try this one but I love the artisan original. I will be rocking aqua amara this summer.

D. DYO says:

9?! hmmm – think J. Copeland and E dig this too!

Thanks for the vid Henry. Will be rocking ANYTHING I can get my hands on that’s fresh, citrus based
..all that! This one sounds like the one, hopefully I can win that decant.

Armin FIGO says:

wow enjoy this review bro, im rocking sicily by mancera, hopefully i can win this 5ml decant, thanks a lot bro :D, california USA here.

Joel Franco says:

San Angelo Texas

Alex Martinez says:

Hey fam, which site did you find Pure for under 40? Thanks

waltherP99BG says:

Own and love this one.Not here for the giveaway.SOTD Marc Jacobs Men

Good Day Mate says:

Commenting and liking before watching. Been waiting for this one! I will definitely be rocking Aritsan Pure this summer. I tried a sample at the mall and I LOVE it! Like you, I love citrus based scents and this one is fantastic. John Varvatos always takes a unique approach on their fragrances which I love. Keep up the great videos, bro.

Count. Xavier says:

I didn’t like artisan pure. It had good performance but the leafy smell over powered the citrus. Didn’t like the smell at all on me.

ap says:

Never tried any of the John Varvatos fragrances, might have to pick this up! thanks

Peter Smith says:

Nice review. Will be rocking Issey Blue and Aqua di Gio

Andy Krimmer says:

Interested to check this one out. Please share your discount sites where you got it for under $40. Thanks!

Harlan Wilkinson says:

In the opening, and first few hours, I get an almost wheat/barley/hay (something tan feeling) sharpness that I don’t care for. The dry down is this woody musk that is awesome though!

Ray Cloudy says:


Henry Regans Jr. says:

Good review! Have to try this in my summer rotation.

Thug Nasty says:

This or Mugler cologne for performance? I own Mugler cologne and get moderate performance.

wendys fan says:

I will be rocking aqua atlantique, and decants of cedrat Boise, edition Blanche, and invictus aqua 2016

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