KAYALI Fragrance Review (Brutally Honest) – By Huda Beauty (Elixer, Citrus, Musk & Vanilla)

Trying the new fragrances released by KAYALI – which means imagination – by Huda Beauty. I was really impressed with the build quality considering this is their first launch, the sisters have obviously invested in all the right places to produce this line and I think a lot of thought has gone into the details.

0:00 We begin
5:00 “Elixir” scent
7:52 Giveaway
8:09 “Citrus” scent
9:48 “Musk” scent
11:21 “Vanilla” scent

15:36 Elixir conclusions
16:08 Citrus conclusions
16:37 Musk conclusions
17:46 Vanilla conclusions

18:50 Price point
20:32 Final conclusions on scents and line
21:36 Recommendations


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Once the fragrances settle, they all have a slight musky low note which bonds them all together. Their signature fragrance Elixir was my personal fave, followed by Vanilla. I want to use these to create a moody room smell before a date or something. If you like Arabic fragrances, I would definitely check these out. They’re very heavy and create atmosphere. They will hold well on your clothes and will last a good amount of time.

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Brittney Anne Melder says:

Yassss Queen @brittzanne

Carol Campoverde says:

Thanks for the review. My ig is @carriemoon11. Pick this tittie queen.

Honi Moni says:


Dragonlady3340 says:

I’m usually into sweet scents so I was dead set into purchasing Vanilla but now you got me curious into Elixir. Will definitely have to smell these first inside Sephora and make my verdict. Your description of the scents however we’re very helpful. Instagram handle:Dragonlady3340

McKenzie Facciolli says:

Love the review. It’s always hard to find great In-depth review on fragrances! ❤️❤️
IG: YoGirlMacDaddy

Melissa Crozier says:

Could you maybe do a video about being a business owner please? Apologies if you have done one before and I’ve missed it. I think it would be so interesting. When I came across your channel I thought it was simply a gossip channel, but then I watched lots and the research and work you put into them is really appreciated and not gossip really at all. But then you mention that you own your own lipsticks (maybe other products too) and I would really enjoy hearing more if you ever felt like sharing x

untothenizzzown says:

I never enter giveaways but I was like I will for this one. Wishing you an amazing 2019, babes. My ig is jamerian2010. Best of luck, everyone!

Kerrieann _Mua says:

Love watching your videos! You’re voice is so calming! You could talk about poop and I would be like yes that’s so interesting! Lol

Sam Sam says:

Best review of the Huda Beauty perfumes by far! Love you sooo much John ♥️♥️ IG: Samiha_kamali

Steph McK-D says:

@stephmckerraldoyon I love citrus scents… and vanilla… thank you for the opportunity to win ❤❤❤

nelly nicole says:

I love how you give reviews ! ig: jannelynicole

Charlotte Gappa xo says:


leavemeagogh says:

Thank you for the honest review as always! @leavemeagogh

Kelsey J says:

Huda like butter lol ❤❤ beechhh


emily love says:

Love ya xo

Julia Zalmanoff says:

I feel personally attacked because citrusy scents are my favorite in the whole world. Especially grapefruit and lemon.
Instagram: Zalmanfoof

Chantel says:

Im in love with Oud and love when i can get it in purfumes. Super in depth review Titty Kween. IG: ch.an.te.l

ASliceOfLife ByKelly says:

After this I now really want to go smell all of these!!!!! I was like oh cool Huda….but your review was so good that I really need to go check these out for myself!!! Also it’s so sweet of you to do a giveaway!!! #fingerscrossed @kellyrenaedusing

TheArnotts says:

Oh dang! I’ve never entered a giveaway. @samithesizzler is my insta username.

Bonnie Rodriguez says:

I’m really curious about musk. I love vanilla, Jasmine and sandalwood, but the musk bit, idk…. I’m excited to test them out when I see them in store.

Barbara Matiatos says:

Thank you for the review, Beetch! It is very nice of you to do this giveaway! IG: bbmatiatos.

Terri Cross says:

Very unique, informative, detailed fragrance descriptions. Thank you! @crosste28

TheArnotts says:

Ugh i LOVE your personality

Kaleigh S says:


Janelle Rutherford says:

Every time you said “Elixir” my Alexa went off… lol!! I would love to be able to try the Elixir parfum!! My insta handle is Janelleanne38 Love you beeeccchh!!

Jennifer T says:

love getting reviews i can actually trust. ig miss_jenn86

Jaqueline Gutierrez says:

Pistachio would be better than patchouli, lol. @paprikadollcatering

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