Kim Kardashian West’s new perfume: KKW FRAGRANCE Unboxing + Review

Kim Kardashian West’s New Fragrance is out today! I decided to immediately drop by my favourite store, Violet Grey and purchase the Crystal Gardenia scent. This is a video of me unboxing the product and giving you guys a fair review on what I personally think of it. Hope you like it! xo

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cali starlet says:

Can you catergorized the scent to similar brand’s scent, for example: “if you like  Sì, by Giorgio Armani then you may like it “

Maays says:

How did you get it so early?? first review i’ve seen

Madd About Mandy says:

UPDATE: Sorry for any kind of confusion guys. This is my first fragrance review. I’m not a pro, just my personal experience with it and overall opinion. TO CLARIFY: I really like this perfume. The smell is perfect for every day wear. Hope this helps 🙂 x

Karime X says:

Can you compare the scent to another perfume??!

Soul Melody says:

Is the top cap also made of glass?

Michel Perez says:

The citrus one is the best! Smells amazing

Jauntea Maxey says:

She did make a smaller size. It’s not suppose to stand up and that’s intentional because its a crystal. Thanks for the review tho!

Ken Tv says:

got citrus for my mother Im a big kim k male fan, so I buy the stuff for my mother LOLZ

Sabrinapurple3 says:

Amazing review.

Francisca Nunez says:

its so much bigger than i thought its so pretty

SimpleLikeJames! says:

the only review of this i could find! thank you so much, i ordered mine yesterday! gave me a great idea of what to expect! Subscribed❤️

Brianna Garcia says:

They do have a smaller size

Kaitlyn V says:

Love this

Trisha Kay Paytas says:

I came here to say you are beautiful

Sarah .A says:

Well Kardashian has to fill her bank that was emptied due to the robbery

Bobby Brown says:

Thank you girl

Thomas Garcia says:

Thanks for the review!!! Subscribing now !!

Sammy Winters says:

How much is the perfume? Thanks for the review! First time here your super fun loving your vibe.

kahala murtagh says:

the very first review of it!! thank you

Ralmain Glam says:


Emilian Chux says:

Packaging is a waste, too big for the product.

Angelina Stigers says:

I can’t wait for my citrus to get here! the small bottle in the citrus was the only one that was left so I’m glad I got to it in time! ☺️

DelphineWifeofPhilip Mum says:

your skin is beautiful

K. Kaye Clark says:

Fools and their money are soon departed

Fryzzle says:

I thought the mini crystal things came in the box like she advertised. Not in a damn envelope with some hocus pocus magic.

Lucid Gemini says:

The metaphysics of it is Great I️ love crystals

Fernanda De La Flor says:

How much does it last through the day?

DelphineWifeofPhilip Mum says:

couldn’t sleep for a perfume? Kim K effect …

lorraine mokalane says:

Way a strange size though

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