Ever wondered what Kim Kardashian West smells like? Well if you watch this video you will get somewhat of an idea of what her NEW KKW Fragrance ‘BODY smells like. If you are contemplating on whether you should purchase it, or if it’s worth the price you should definitely watch this full video and hopefully it’ll ease your decision making. 👃 Smell ya later!


PS- the reason I made that funky face when I initially smelled it was because of the amount of alcohol I inhaled, but once it settled on my skin.. it smelled amazing! I promise.

To purchase, click the link below.
KKW BODY: https://kkwfragrance.com

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awesome review !

Paola Acosta says:

Good work!

Trevor's Nana75 says:

Liked the review. And your bloopers. Lol. Way to be self confident enough to show true reactions!!!!!

gege Talking says:

I love how it’s look

Claudia Canales says:

That perfume bottle is the most ridiculous packaging I have ever seen. Though why am I surprised……it’s coming from narcissist Kim. Save your money folks!

Latavia Williams says:

It’s definitely a grown & sexy scent…it’s so bougie I can’t wait for these weddings and special occasions so I can rock it

Alicia Giron says:

What’s more crazy and her body doesn’t look like that. Have you guys seen the unfiltered beauty pictures? Her butt had so many dints in it and sags…. Js.

anaviveri says:

Dont ever rub your skin when you are wearing a parfume!!!! Never

doll maleficent says:

it’s ugly

shalesha swain says:

the music is so annoying tbh. Good review tho

Looks by Honey says:

Lovely video darling and I just hit the red button

April Smith says:

That black & white is a fabulous neckline on you, I love it. Thank you for the review. 🙂

Substitute4Love says:

You love perfumes and use them…. but still you RUB your wrists together when sampling … NO! BYE GURL

hibat mohammed says:

I don’t know why I feel like this is going to go viral

loveable vega says:

I love the fact that you didn’t take a whole hour reviewing it you were straight forward with your review and you pretty ❤ keep it up I just subscribed

BackByPopularDemand says:

I just want it for the bottle tbh

lola brini says:

I never smelled it but based on the bottle I wouldn’t want to display it on my vanity. IDK, the JPG one is sexy delicate in rose transparent and not too much detail. This one looks too pornographic and gross. And the sickly green gray color is awful. And the lid is so boring! PS I Love ur eyebrows and ur so prettyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

N for Nelly says:

I reviewed it as well and I couldn’tt pick up on the peach element 🙁 I still think its really nice though! My hubby thought it smells like a grandma perfume though lol :O

Agustina Munoz says:

You’re so annoying

Virginie Qwe says:

An advice, maybe change your intro to something more professional and catchy. You’re content is good, but you need to catch people’s eye with the structure of ur channel

Jenn Piach says:

Its ugly

Sry MM says:

Worst review aver

misaglow says:

Great review! I have been wanting to try out this perfume!!

Sisi Mm says:

Cool video but music doesn’t match♥️

Christy Frisch says:

Ok so I was trying so hard to figure out what this smells like because it smelled so familiar to me. It smells almost just like “Haiku” by Avon!

doll maleficent says:

it’s pathetic

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