KKW Fragrance Full Review/ Crystal Gardenia + Perfume Giveaway Announcement


mzurilove beauty & fragrances says:

Hey ShanaJ!!! Never looked into Kim Kardashian fragrances… I like white florals though… the perfume designs reflect her change in style over the years IMO, maybe that’s why the two fragrances are similar in scent?My daughter loves crystals , I’ll try it if I see it xoxo

Sab son says:

You make the best reviews ! I can imagine the scent so well, when you describe it. AND you have the best perfume collection on YouTube !

Mel C says:

Didn’t kno she had a new perfume out

Shana J. says:

Crystal Gardenia smells very similar to Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian. However, in this review I still wanted to help ppl who has never experienced both fragrances.
Did you buy any of the KKW Fragrance? Please comment below!

Mysexyback Smith says:

Alwayson point honey tfs never owned poor smelled KK fragrance well see lol.

Mae Jett says:

Love all your reviews on perfumes it really helps out alot when u want to go out to purchase love u girl and you look beautiful as always and your hair looks amazing

NyceMone' • says:

You describe fragrances soooo well !! Idek what you do full time , but lawdddd you can sell a fragrance amazingly! & your soooo honest

Hanna Tiruneh says:

Nice review 🙂

juel70ja says:

Hey pretty lady…Thanks for the review.

Amy D says:

Great review as usual! You look gorgeous! Sounds like a lovely scent, thank you for the chance 😀

Shana J. says:

Follow me on Instagram: Shana_j_

Beonka HoneyBee says:

Best review of this fragrance! Everyone else is just saying the same cookie cutter….. ITS NICE! lol

p celan says:

Yay giveaway! would like to participate. I don’t know this fragrance or the kim kardashian one. But the bottle is beautiful, looks exactly like a quartz crystal! must be of good luck too 🙂

Carla Howard says:

Love your perfume reviews, especially date night sexy. ?….// what color nail polish you have on.

CandidAnn says:

Thanks for bringing the real. And no matter how many videos we watch, we’re still coming to Shanda J’s corner!

Cynthia Mary says:

I like your hair and video..for telling us all about the perfumes and scents.thanks.I hope I have that perfumes for trying it and smell the scents..omg!!!

Aolani Velez says:

had no idea this was already out. was happy to see your take on it and am looking forward to the giveaway – I am more of a good girl less of the clubby type now lol.

KahhyLee says:

I dont usually buy perfumes but I can’t stop thinking about this one! I really think I’d love it. If you haven’t given away your extra one yet, I would LOVE it!

Amethyst3313 says:

I love Gardenia hand cream! I have the original though in a 100 ml and it’s gonna take awhile to get even halfway through it. I’ll have to pass on this…thank you for your thorough review!

Sandia Marcellon says:

Thanks for the review you are the best!!

Taylor Hayden says:

This is the best review of the fragrance that I’ve seen so far!!! Great review, thank you ☺️

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